Easter is Hell! New releases and a Horror Hound Recap!

It has been an interesting couple of weeks (or months!). We have the whole Samhain Publishing ordeal behind us (or do we? duh-duh-duh!), I attended Horror Hound  Weekend in Cincinnati, Ohio, and I get to be a part of a stellar cast of rowdy writers in a rare holiday anthology that releases Sunday!


With a title like EASTER EGGS & BUNNY BOILERS, anEaster Sunday release date, and  a complete madman (Matt Shaw) behind the wheel, what could go wrong? Shaw, a mean SOB of a horror writer if ever there was one, hand selected a number of talented writers from around the globe to take part in this unique holiday anthology. I was lucky to be asked to contribute and couldn’t say yes fast enough. Alongside writers such as Chantal Noordeloos, Graeme Reynolds, Duncan Ralston, Kit Power, Stuart Keane, Jim Goforth, Michael Bray, and so many more, I just hope my story garners a second look.

“Little Bunny” is sort of like if you took a dash of Alice in Wonderland, a pinch of Pet Semetary, and added it to a batch of Glenn Rolfe…that might give you an idea what you find. I knew these authors would bring the guts and the blood and the strange (and they do!), but I thought I might take a more subtle approach. I hope everyone enjoys it.

You can read an early, piece-by-piece review HERE

EASTER EGGS & BUNNY BOILERS is an eBook only anthology and is available for pre-orders now, or you can purchase it Easter Sunday (March 27th).

Amazon US

Amazon UK 

Moving right along…

This year’s Horror Hound Weekend in Cincinnati was supposed to be a gathering of friends in the Samhain Publishing world…well, with the company shutting down, they of course, pulled out of the event.  It really sucked. I had worked last summer with editor, Don D’Auria, to have my novella collection together and released just in time for the annual convention. WHERE NIGHTMARES BEGIN was put together and ready to go!  And a month before release– BAM!  Damn.

My in-laws live  45 minutes from Cincinnati, so we made the hike anyway! I bought a pass for Horror Hound Weekend and carted my books around in my Samhain backpack. I had no table, but thanks to the many connections made last year and the months that followed, I was able to sell a decent amount of copies by setting up face-to-face meetings with a number of Samhain fans. So a HUGE thank you to everyone that met up with me and conducted sketchy business in the halls of the convention center!

Here are some pics from my 2 days:

It was great to see some familiar faces and make some new friends!


We’re all waiting to see what comes out of these behind closed door meetings from our Samhain boss. She’s trying to find a  way to keep us going or our books available. We’ll see. I’ve been approached by a couple of other publishers about future works, so we won’t be waiting long to land elsewhere. Sinister Grin Press is certainly going to be there for all of you Samhain fans. They’ve been publishing Kristopher Rufty, David Bernstein, Adam Cesare, and most recently, Jonathan Janz. I’ll have a novella with them in January and possibly more… we’ll see, but good things are on the horizon for the company and I’m happy to be a part of the SGP future.

I’ll also be publishing my next collection of short fiction sometime later this year along with attending Scares That Care this July in Virginia.

Be sure to check out my interviews and the latest  reviews for THINGS WE FEAR and WHERE NIGHTMARES BEGIN

I have interviews coming up on the blog with reviewer, Duane Mincel, authors David Bernstein and Lucas Mangum, and I’ll be posting reviews for books from David Mitchell, Brian Keene, Tim Waggoner, and many more.

Oh, and the Guns N’ Roses reunion gigs are just around the corner! PUMPED!

Happy spring!




Gearing up for the Blood and Rain Train…Get your Claws out!

Yes, I am pumped for the release of my first print novel with Samhain Publishing. After two novellas, I’m ready to get a physical book into your hands!  And what a book….Blood and Rain is my favorite thing that I’ve written so far. I’ve loved werewolves for so long (thanks to my bro). The release date is October 6th. I will be doing a book signing at Barnes and Noble in Augusta, Maine the weekend before Halloween. I will also be hitting the internet highways and embarking on a massive Blog Tour!  Hair and devil horns in the air, volume cranked to 11, and ready to party!

Anyways…. Some early reviews are coming in. I’d like to share a couple of those with you now:

“A welcome addition to the werewolf mythos and proof that we’re in the presence of a rising star in the genre.”

– Ronald Malfi, Author of December Park and Little Girls

“This is werewolves as they should be.”–Scarlet’s Web

The best werewolf novel I’ve read since Jeff Strand’s Wolf Hunt.”–Horror After Dark

So, yeah….I’m excited to see that some people like this one as much as I do.  🙂

Pre-orders are open for the eBook through Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.com 

Pre-orders for the print book will be open in September.

I will also have print copies available at HorrorHound Weekend in Indianapolis, IN  Sept 11-13.


Stay tuned.

Update City: What’s going on in the Rolfe Universe.

I’ve been trying to enjoy the heck out of this summer. I hope you have, too. The wife and I are celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary on July 25th with a vow renewal.  We also celebrated by going to see one of our favorite artists Kacey Musgraves in concert this past week. She rules. Besides playing in the sun with my wife and the kiddos, I have been writing and reading quite a bit. I’ve also been doing some Author Relations type things for Samhian Publishing along with helping out with their official blog.  If you skip over to iHorror.com, you can read my most recent interviewees and reviews (Brian Kirk, Ronald Malfi) with more on the way!

As for my fiction…

Slush, my first short story collection that came out in eBook back in October of last year, is now available in print and audio.

The Haunted Halls, Abram’s Bridge, and Boom Town should be available in audio by year’s end.

Blood and Rain, my werewolf novel for Samhain Publishing, will be out October 6th. You can pre-order it at Amazon or Barnes and Noble now.

Things We Fear, my next novella from Samhain Publishing, will be available in eBook in March, 2016. Things We Fear, alongside Boom Town and Abram’s Bridge will be combined in my 2nd print book for Samhain (my first novella collection), Where Nightmares Begin (also out in March).

I wrote a new novella called, The Last Show, that will be on its way to a different publisher later this month. Whether it lands with that publisher, Samhain, or I end up self-publishing it, The Last Show, will be out sometime in 2016.

Doodle cover for The Last Show
Doodle cover for The Last Show

I’m still revising/re-working my current WIP, a novel called, Becoming.

I’m hoping to get back to work on the next novel, Window, by the end of August.

As for my next short story collection, The World Comes Down, I read through a batch of stories I think may make the final cut last night. I’m pretty happy with the direction and hope to release it in all formats next summer.

On the to be finished list: I have two yet-to-be-titled novellas and the follow-up novel to Boom Town (Ascension Agenda). Maybe look for those in 2017.

I’ll be doing some massive blog tour (with Oh, For the Hook of a Book)/publicity stuff for Blood and Rain over the next three or four months. I’ll also be attending Horrorhound Weekend in Indianapolis, IN in September (armed with advance print copies of Blood and Rain). Come see me and a bunch of cool Samhain authors if you’re in the area.

Stay tuned!

Girl Crush, Anti-Gay Indiana, and the Truth.

Normally, I keep my topics here on my site aimed at books and music with the occasional movie thrown in. A lot of stuff happened this week that circles in one way or another, around the subject of homosexuality. My stance is love who you want. Do what you do, but it hasn’t always been that way. I grew up in a Christian household. My sisters were (and still are) pretty heavily involved in church. Me, I believe in God, and do it from wherever I’m at. That’s just my relationship with “the man (or woman) upstairs”. I have for years held the idea that people can be gay and that’s fine, but the truth of the matter is, I still have those moments of discomfort when the subject comes up about how to present that to my children. Thank God for my wife. She’s amazing and tells the girls like it is, no fear, no weirdness. I’m still working on my humanity.

So, what brought all of this about?

Three things:

1) “Girl Crush”, the song by the country act, Little Big Town, that has the uptight (usually gay-retardant) country music fan-base in an uproar. Even though the song is about a woman who is jealous and wants to be the girl the man she desires is in love with (“I want to taste her lips, yeah cuz they taste like you”), people are misinterpreting the message and are perceiving it as a woman who is just in love with another woman.The song is being dropped by a bunch of country radio stations because it is too close to being a “gay” song. This is fucking stupid. Fuck you, country radio.

I love this song, and even if it was a pro-gay tune I would love it anyway.

2) The next thing is this dumb law the jerkwads in Indiana passed saying that they can refuse gays service or kick them out of their businesses on the basis of their religious rights. This is complete bullshit and proves that our country has a long way to go to be the open-minded, liberated, perfect people we try to project ourselves as to the world. Among my friends, there was talk of boycotting the Horror Hound Weekend in Indianapolis because of the new law. I say Fuck you, Indiana. I plan on attending the convention and I hope my publisher and the people who run the gig will too. I say Samhain goes as Samhain’s Rainbow Warriors of Death!  We all wear pro-gay gear and shove it right up the state of Indiana’s ass.

3) The last, and most personal, news was that a cousin of mine officially came out and told everyone he was gay. He’s from a pretty hardcore Christian background, so I can only imagine how difficult this was for him. Even though it’s not fair, he must of thought about and stressed over how upset and how disappointed some of his family would be about his announcement. All I can say is that his mother was one of the first people to support him. That made me happy. I am so proud of him and applaud his courage, his strength and acceptance in who he really is, and hope that he finds love with the man of his dreams.

Like I stated at the top of this, I’m not the best human/dad/husband I can be yet, but I’m working hard at chipping away the ignorance that keeps my mouth shut when my girl’s ask why people look and act the way they do. There’s no shame in being true to yourself.  I want to be as strong and supportive as my wife. I want to be as courageous and brave as my cousin. If he reads this, I just want him to know how much I respect and love him, and that if he ever needs someone to talk to, I’m here.

Horror Hound Weekend–Cincinnati, 2015

Where the heck do I start? Horror Hound Weekend was AMAZING! It was my first time attending as a part of the Samhain Family (my first time attending at all). I was floored to meet a bunch people I’d never talked to face-to-face, but harass constantly online. People like Adam Cesare, Jonathan Janz, and Matt Manochio, and the ladies of the Samhain office: Kaitlyn and Tonya. And two of my favorite readers to jaw with: Joe Hempel and Duane Mincel. I got to catch up with some of the guys I’d met before: Russell James and Tim Waggoner. I also made a bunch of new author and reader friends. Oh, and did I mention that I met The Greatest American Hero????? Yeah, it was pretty freaking rad.

Being at the Samhain vendor booth was a lot of fun. Watching Jacob scramble back and forth with a giant grin, listening to Adam grab every possible reader that came by and getting them to consider one (or each) of his three titles, listening to Matt’s perfected pitch for his fantastic Krampus novel, The Dark Servant, jabbering to my closest neighbor, Brian Pinkerton, and serenading him with the hits of Micheal Bolton and Richard Marx, selling some of my favorite Samhain titles when I saw the opportunity (Janz’s Dust Devils, Cesare’s The Summer Job, Everson’s The Family Tree). I also helped sell a couole novels I haven’t gotten to read yet (Pinkerton’s Anotomy of Evil, and Mark Rigney’s Check Out Time).

The hardest part for me was pushing my eBook novellas (Abram’s Bridge and Boom Town). A lot of people said,  “I only read real books”. I took it in stride and only pushed my works on the Kindle/ Nook crowds (surprisingly, a lot of the Sunday crowd were Kindle-friendly!).

When I wasn’t at the booth helping out or talking shop (or Bolton/Marx), I managed to venture around to help spread the word about my works. I found the food room (don’t they call that a cafeteria?) to be a terrific place to make new friends and talk books. I brought the remaining copies of my first noel (The Haunted Halls) with me and ended up handing out and signing them to some pretty eager to read people. I also got some positive vibes back from people when I pitched the novellas. Shared some Greatest American Hero love with my two new buds, Bryan and Angela, and hopefully they’ll try some of my horror stories. I also participated in two interviews while I was there. I will share the links as soon as I have them. All good things.

I’d say four of my favorite HHW moments were:

Meeting up with Tonya, Kaitlyn, and Lauren for our pre-Con Samhain Marketing meeting. So many cool ideas were discussed. I have total faith in this team and think we are going to bring Samhain Horror to a whole new level (of confidence and power).

When the kids I met down in the cafeteria (Raul, Kat, and Kat’s brother) came up to the booth the following day and had me sign a copy of The Haunted Halls…that was soooo cool!

Meeting William Katt and totally going full retard (and we all know, you never go full retard) in front of him. I ended up getting out “you were my childhood hero”, “My mom made me a doll of you”.  He was still so cool and helped me get through my star struck moment. Still my hero!


Sunday finished by helping Adam sell out The Summer Job and catching a couple beers with him after we closed out. We talked all kinds of shop, business, Stephen King, and much more. Adam, thanks for the conversation and the PBR’s!

What did I forget? Oh yeah, DAMN! Ron Simmons is the best salesman of all time! I got close enough to his signing table that this happened:

20150320_180921I will definitely be at HHW Indy in September!  Until then, here are some more photos….enjoy!

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For Brian Pinkerton, and to all of my new friends….


As you guys may or may not have heard…my novella, THINGS WE FEAR, will be released from Samhain Publishing. I’m so grateful to Don D’Auria for believing in me my crazy little stories. Also, , big thanks to my pre-reader/editor/publicist/bud Erin Sweet-Al Mehairi for all of the incredible behind the scenes work she puts in for me. I’m sure the novella won’t come out until sometime next year, but in the meantime…

BOOM TOWN, my next release from Samhain, is available for pre-order at all of your favorite eBook dealers. It drops on April 7th. (click the cover to order through Amazon)


Terror from below!

In the summer of 1979, Eckert, Wisconsin, was the sight of the most unique UFO encounter in history. A young couple observed a saucer-like aircraft hovering over Hollers Hill. A blue beam blasted down from the center of the craft into the hill and caused the ground to rumble for miles.

Now, thirty years later, Eckert is experiencing nightly rumbles that stir up wild rumors and garner outside attention. The earthly tremors are being blamed on everything from earthquakes to underground earth dwellers. Two pre-teens discover a pipe out behind Packard’s Flea Market uprooted by the “booms” and come into contact with the powerful ooze bubbling from within. What begins as curiosity will end in an afternoon of unbridled terror for the entire town.

BOOM TOWN has kindly been mentioned alongside such great Horror Sci-Fi works as The Blob, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, and The Tommyknockers.  I  have always been a huge fan of alien films and TV shows, as well as Coast 2 Coast Am with Art Bell and George Norry. Writing an alien-based story was inevitable. I love this one and have already started work on another…

My promo blitz for this one is going to be kicking into high gear, so you have been warned!

I have a guest post this week over on Brian Moreland’s blog, Dark Lucidity. Check it out HERE

You can also learn more about BOOM TOWN, as well as my first novella, ABRAM’S BRIDGE, and my debut, THE HAUNTED HALLS, in my featured interview over at Horror After Dark. Check that out; HERE

Next week, I will be attending and meeting a bunch of my Samhain brothers at Horror Hound Weekend. Looking forward to that!  I’m sure I will have some more stories and plenty of photos to share. I mean, besides the Samhain gang, I ‘m going to get a chance to meet one of my childhood heroes…The Greatest American Hero, William Katt!   Yeah, I used to sit on the swing out back of my house when I was a kid singing the theme song ALL DAY. My mom even made me a Ralph doll. I’m sort of psyched…  🙂


UPDATES: Ascension Agenda, Becoming, Things We Fear, plus reviews, interviews, and Cons


First off, I want to thank everyone who has purchased, read, reviewed, or shared my debut novella, Abram’s Bridge. It has certainly been an exciting couple of weeks since its release. I am extremely proud of this story, and judging by the flood of reviews, so are you guys, so thanks! My newest review came courtesy of one of my favorite horror authors out there today, Mr. Hunter Shea:  READ HUNTER’S REVIEW 

This year I will be aiming to make it to three conventions: Horror Hound Weekend (in Cincinnati, OH, Late March), World Horror Convention/Bram Stoker Awards (in Atlanta, GA-Early May), and AnthoCon (in Portsmouth, NH, June). Like I said, that’s the plan…


I will be tightening up my next novel, BECOMING, with hopes to share it with my editor in March. I will also be sending him my finished novella, THINGS WE FEAR. The piece I’m most excited about right now is my Horror/Sci-Fi follow-up to BOOM TOWN (my next Samhain novella-April 7th). I started ASCENSION AGENDA a couple weeks ago, and I am loving it!

I will also be finishing up my fourth novel, WINDOW. The goal is to have TWF and BECOMING subbed by March. WINDOW by June and AA toward the end of 2015/early 2016.  Those are pretty lofty goals with all I have to do, but if I have to push them back, I will. I don’t want to just put out a bunch of books. I want to put out a bunch of really good books. That’s my promise to you guys, you’re putting in the time to read these tales, the least I can do is give each and every one the time they deserve to make them the best I can.

Coming up on the blog….

I will be re-posting the interview I did with Russell James over on iHorror.com. I’ll be posting a few select reviews of things I’ve read the last couple months, endorsements if you will, and you may see a few more of my Samhain Horror friends popping up here with guest spots.

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite jams right now…Cheers!