SURVIVE WITH ME: 5 Questions with Chris Sorensen

SURVIVE WITH ME features 16 of my favorite writer buds. Each of them gave these stories to me for this charity anthology. ALL proceeds go to the American Indian College Fund. You can order your eBook or paperback copy HERE Or discover more about this wonderful cause here: AMERICAN INDIAN COLLEGE FUND

Today, we welcome Chris Sorensen! Chris is a voice performer doing tons of audio books, and he’s also the author of The Messy Man trilogy! He’s a great and positive dude and we’re happy to feature him in this special anthology.

Chris Sorensen

What inspired your story in SWM, “Laney”?

There’s a stretch of highway here in northern New Jersey where the shoulder falls off into a ravine. Whenever I pass the spot, I get a mental flash of a car veering off the road and tumbling down, down, down. And for whatever reason, I know that what just happened was deliberate. In “Laney,” I wanted to spend time with a character who had to survive their abuser not only in life but in death.

What are some other causes you think deserve some more attention?

My folks were both teachers. My mom had a special education class, so I was around kids with special needs my whole childhood. One of the great sources of pride for the community is the Special Olympics. And I know this answer has the word ‘special’ in it way too many times, but the Special Olympics is a cause that I find truly special.

You’re the author of The Messy Man trilogy. Was the idea it to always be multiple books? Or did it grow into that organically?

The Nightmare Room was a retooling of an idea I first developed as a screenplay. By the time I finished the first draft of the book, I was pretty certain that I wanted to continue the story. And by the time I released it, I had mapped out the plot for The Hungry Ones. Book 3, The Messy Man, was a combo of me wanting to get to know the character Ellen Marx a bit better as well as tying together a bunch of loose threads I had left for myself in Books 1 and 2.

As an audio performer, what are the best parts and hardest parts of that particular job?

Best things about being an audiobook narrator: I read tons of books I wouldn’t normally read, I work from home (in my own little nightmare room of a studio) and I get to choose my own hours. The hardest part: I’m dyslexic and reading aloud will always take 50% more effort for me than the next person (even after recording over 250 titles).

Give me three things that make you want to buy someone a beer?

I’ll buy you a beer if…

1. You’ve just performed your heart out. 2. I’ve missed you.

3. You ask.

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