Survive With Me: 5 Questions with Somer Canon

SURVIVE WITH ME features 16 of my favorite writer buds. Each of them gave these stories to me for this charity anthology. ALL proceeds go to the American Indian College Fund. You can order your eBook or paperback copy HERE Or discover more about this wonderful cause here: AMERICAN INDIAN COLLEGE FUND

I’m asking each contributing author 5 questions as part of the promotion for the book. Today, I am so happy to welcome one of my former Samhain Publishing stablemates, Ms. Somer Canon. She’s the author of Vicki Beautiful, Killer Chronicles, and her latest, Slaves to Gravity (with Wesley Southard).

Somer Canon

What inspired your story in SWM, “Sick Burn”?

My story is about a parent reacting to a rebellious teenager and her bad, horrible decisions.  Right now, I’m the parent of a brand new 13 year-old teenager, and although we’re having our moments that come along with that, my son is a very good boy and I can’t complain.  No, my inspiration came from my reflections on what I was like as a teenager and some of the hell I put my poor mother through.  This story is my current self reacting to my teenaged self, and it’s not a pretty confrontation.  

What other causes do you think deserve more attention?

I love that we’re donating to a Native American cause because I think that the plight of the Native tribes gets overlooked.  The problem is, we have so many groups in need in this country.  As a first world country, how is that?  We need to be better about taking care of our own, no matter the categories under which they fall.  I’m happy to donate both my words and my money to these causes, but I can’t help but wish that there weren’t a need for it.  Animals, women, LGBTQIA+, immigrants, children, elderly, minorities, the Native American people, veterans, the differently abled, those living with terminal illnesses…there are so many causes that need our attention and the mercy of our higher selves and I’d urge anyone reading this to consider looking into charities to support because every little bit helps.

You have your own podcast. What are some podcasts that you love horror and maybe non horror?

I really like horror podcasts that deal with introducing the listener to horror creatives.  I loved The Horror Show with Brian Keene (RIP), but I also really like Arm Cast Podcast, which doesn’t rely solely on horror creators, but you are introduced to creators you might otherwise not have known.  I like the Ink Heist a lot for the same reasons.  I really love Cosmic Shenanigans because it’s a horror podcast that takes an intellectual look at the cosmic horror genre and I’ve been introduced to the genre in many different iterations like movies, and video games.  I think the only story-based horror (and it’s more bizarre/comedy than horror) is welcome to Night Vale, which has some of the most imaginative storytelling out there.  I listen to a lot of comedy, history and true crime podcasts because they help to take the edge off of every day drudges for me.  I love Unobscured, You Must Remember This, My Favorite Murder, Historical Blindness, History goes Bump, and Myths and Legends.

What was the last movie or tv show that made you cry? 

The Good Place made me bawl my freaking eyes out once or twice when I binged it recently.  

Name three things, big or small, that have happened during Covid 19 that made you feel hopeful.

The staying at home thing has been really hard, socially speaking, for a lot of people.  But hearing those same people, who are very much struggling mentally, say that they wouldn’t dream of possibly infecting another person really made me remember to look for the good in people.  When the people behaving badly are sucking up all of the attention, it did me good to see the people in the back, the quiet ones, retaining a semblance of altruistic humanity that, for some reason, doesn’t make the headlines like it should.

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