Adios, Eddie. RIP

When I wrote my latest novel, Until Summer Comes Around, there was one song that played through my head over and over again. “Love Walks In” by Van Halen (or Van Hagar, if you prefer). It was one the songs I taped off the radio when I was a kid. It compared love to something alien (aliens were one of my favorite things, at the time) and it just sounded so good. When I decided to place my story in 1986 , there was no way this song and album (5150) wouldn’t work its way in.

Contact is all it takes…

I’d been exposed to the mighty Van Halen via the David Lee Roth videos on MTV from the 1984 album, but it was “Love Walks In” that made me a VH fan. While there’s a shit ton of keyboards on this tune and album, it’s the guitar solo that held every ounce of vocal magic as Sammy on this one.

I guess I’ve always been some sort of hopeless romantic from the very start. I probably wanted Cyndi Lauper to be the girl that walked in, but alas, she never did.

This song meant so much to me then, and still thrills me today when I crank it up in my van. I’ve even caught my boy singing along to “Dreams” a time or two.

The world has certainly lost a great guitarist, one of the very best, and maybe the most influential. Also, a son has lost his father and bother lost his brother. I can relate to both of those.

RIP, Eddie.

2 responses to “Adios, Eddie. RIP”

  1. A shocking loss. He battled this illness for so long. He may be gone but his body of work and influence will live forever.

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