This was a really cool hang with John Everson. I met him years back at Horrorhound Weekend when we shared a Samhain table with our fellow Samhain buds.  We’ve kept in touch ever since and I was so psyched to have John as my second guest for the show.

We talked for (and drank) for nearly three hours. By the time we finished, I was definitely too many beers past my limit.  I had such a good time.

Please check it out.  I know you guys are always looking for writing advice and John and I go back and forth over things like character notes, outlining, getting published the long road traditional way vs. the easy amazon upload (both of which we support under the right circumstances), and so much more. Plus, you get a tour of “The Basement that Horror Built” and lots of cool, ridiculousness from us.

This is the first hour.  I hope you guys dig it.

Also, just secured Todd Keisling (author of Devil’s Creek) for my next conversation!

Be kind to one another and Stay safe!



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