Glenn Rolfe’s Horror Shop with Special Guest: HUNTER SHEA

So, after a couple years of doing regular interviews and such, I decided to kick things up a notch and do more of a video style show/vlogcast thing. Is that a word?
I give you Glenn Rolfe’s Horror Shop!
I did a pilot episode a couple weeks back and finally got the first official episode up!

This one features my interview with the great Hunter Shea.
Hunter and I go back a little ways with our Samhain Publishing connection, so it was awesome to have him on as the first guest.
I hope you enjoy our nonsense!


Check out Hunter’s page here: HUNTER SHEA

Pre-order Hunter’s MISFITS (coming in 9/20 from Flame Tree Press) here: MISFITS


Grab the intro music here: I WANT TO SUCK YOUR BLOOD

Grab my latest book here: UNTIL SUMMER COMES AROUND

One response to “Glenn Rolfe’s Horror Shop with Special Guest: HUNTER SHEA”

  1. Loved every minute of this! Looking forward to future shows. Keep it up!

    Thanks for the Shyamalan shout out. One of my favorite filmmakers. I’m rabidly defensive of his work. I agree wholeheartedly. Signs is an awesome film!

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