UNTIL SUMMER CMES AROUND: Live Reading (replay), plus Monster Men interview/hangout


I’m officially kicking off the #UntilSummerComesAroudnWorldTour. We’re a month out from its release date, so the time has come!

First up, here’s a Facebook Live reading I did covering the Prologue and Chapter One!


And my Monster Men hang with Hunter Shea and Jack Campsis:

REVIEW: THE HORROR TREE      “In summary – would I recommend this book to others? YES!!!  Score out of 10? 11! Oh OK, 10.”

REVIEW: GRIMDARK MAGAZINE “…a stimulating, gripping and chilling horror tale and I devoured it in three days!”

We also scored a BOOKLIST review!  We’re not allowed to share the review in its entirety until May 1st, but here’s a snippet: “Fans of The Lost Boys will enjoy this one, and Rolfe puts his own spin on the standard summer bloodsucker tale!”

We’re up to 40 reviews on GoodReads and I’m humbled by the response:

Until Summer Comes Around


Glenn Rolfe (Goodreads Author)
57% (23)
37% (15)
5% (2)
0% (0)
0% (0)

100% of people liked it

If you guys have a blog or review for a site or magazine, you can still request review copies at NetGalley: UNTIL SUMMER COMES AROUND (NetGalley_ARC)

We’ll be looking to do as many interviews and blog posts as possible. If you have a platform, give me or Flame Tree Press a shout!  Skype, Google Hangouts, or old school email interviews!

hit me up here or at glenntheory@hotmail.com

If you already have Flame Tree Press contacts, give them a shout.

I Hope you guys are staying safe out there.

2 responses to “UNTIL SUMMER CMES AROUND: Live Reading (replay), plus Monster Men interview/hangout”

  1. You must be thrilled with all the positive early reviews. I do plan on reading this one!

    1. I am so happy, Priscilla. This book means so much to me. I’m glad it’s hitting that spot in my readers, too. And thank you ahead of time. 🙂 Hope you enjoy it when you get to it.

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