Wow! Two amazing new reviews for UNTIL SUMMER COMES AROUND.

I woke up on April Fool’s Day and was instantly cheered up from the downer of the this Covid-19 world….

First up, thanks to Flame Tree Press for distributing ARCs of my new vampire/coming of age story, UNTIL SUMMER COMES AROUND.

Thanks to Richard from the Left Coast for this great review. Hearing that the story moved him to tears…dang, heartstrings. As a writer, I’ve always loved to be able to move someone in such a deep way. I used to do it with songs, so it’s cool to hear I am able to reach in that far with a story, as well.

Next up, we have Janine!

“This book ROCKS!
Honestly, I absolutely adored it. I had seen a quote suggesting if you liked Salem’s Lot (the very first horror book I ever read) and The Lost Boys (still one of my favourite vamp movies) then you would definitely enjoy this. Well whoever said that was dead (gettit) right. BECAUSE THIS BOOK IS ALL SORTS OF AMAZEBALLS.”

Read Janine’s full review here:

Check out the UNTIL SUMMER COMES AROUND soundtrack at SPOTIFY

And be sure to pre-order UNTIL SUMMER COMES AROUND wherever you buy books!


My old obsession with vampires and love- I give you the vampire love song, “I Want to Suck Your Blood”

One response to “Wow! Two amazing new reviews for UNTIL SUMMER COMES AROUND.”

  1. “AMAZEBALLS” is the ultimate in reviews, congrats!

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