UNTIL SUMMER COMES AROUND: Facebook Live replays 1 and 2

I’ll be doing these Facebook Live events every Friday leading up to the release (May 21st) of UNTIL SUMMER COMES AROUND.

I’ve read the Prologue and Chapter One here:

And Chapter Two followed by a 45 minutes Q & A here:

I’d love to see this book burst out the gate and do well for myself and for Flame Tree Press, so please, if you like what you hear go pre-order a copy at your local online retailer.


Universal Amazon Link: HERE

Barnes and Noble: HERE

Flame Tree Press Website: HERE 

Be sure to join us this Friday at 9 PM est for Chapter 3.



Facebook Live Event Tonight!Reading, Q & A, and Book Giveaways!

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FACEBOOK LIVE EVENT (click the link below)

Join me here tonight at 9 PM est for a live reading, Q & A session, and book giveaway.
If this goes well, maybe we’ll make it a weekly thing leading up the release of UNTIL SUMMER COMES AROUND.

I’ll be giving away a Hardcover copy of UNTIL SUMMER COMES AROUND and a paperback of BLOOD AND RAIN (These will be up for non-Patreon members-I’ll do a special giveaway for my Patrons next month).


UNTIL SUMMER CMES AROUND: Live Reading (replay), plus Monster Men interview/hangout


I’m officially kicking off the #UntilSummerComesAroudnWorldTour. We’re a month out from its release date, so the time has come!

First up, here’s a Facebook Live reading I did covering the Prologue and Chapter One!


And my Monster Men hang with Hunter Shea and Jack Campsis:

REVIEW: THE HORROR TREE      “In summary – would I recommend this book to others? YES!!!  Score out of 10? 11! Oh OK, 10.”

REVIEW: GRIMDARK MAGAZINE “…a stimulating, gripping and chilling horror tale and I devoured it in three days!”

We also scored a BOOKLIST review!  We’re not allowed to share the review in its entirety until May 1st, but here’s a snippet: “Fans of The Lost Boys will enjoy this one, and Rolfe puts his own spin on the standard summer bloodsucker tale!”

We’re up to 40 reviews on GoodReads and I’m humbled by the response:

Until Summer Comes Around


Glenn Rolfe (Goodreads Author)
57% (23)
37% (15)
5% (2)
0% (0)
0% (0)

100% of people liked it

If you guys have a blog or review for a site or magazine, you can still request review copies at NetGalley: UNTIL SUMMER COMES AROUND (NetGalley_ARC)

We’ll be looking to do as many interviews and blog posts as possible. If you have a platform, give me or Flame Tree Press a shout!  Skype, Google Hangouts, or old school email interviews!

hit me up here or at glenntheory@hotmail.com

If you already have Flame Tree Press contacts, give them a shout.

I Hope you guys are staying safe out there.

Covid-19 Reading Journal #1

I decided I’m going to try and share my reading life with you guys. I thought I’d get a ton of reading done now that Covid-19 shut down half the world and caused my hotel to close, but between home schooling three kiddos and making time to get out of the house with the kids or the wife for walks or runs, and making runs to the store, and trying to keep up with online commitments, it’s kind of hard to concentrate on reading (or finding a quiet space to try).

—-AS ALWAYS, click on the covers to check out the Amazon page for the books that interest you—-

That said, I am aiming to carve out some spaces to do so. First up, I wanted to make a list of the books I plan on reading and the order I plan on doing so.



I am currently about to finish up the Flame Tree Press paperback edition of Jonathan Janz’s THE DARKEST LULLABY.

My thoughts so far: Fantastic beginning, like in all of Janz’s  book, and some good characters. The middle of the book focused on the couple’s relationship issues and added in some creepy elements regarding Chris’s Aunt Lilith.  I felt the story could have shortened or tightened up this section, but I understand Janz wanting to really give you depth on the characters.

When Ellie’s sister Katherine shows up, the story hits into high gear. I gobbled up 40 pages and now am set to read the end of this thing.  I’m really looking forward to teh end of this one. I’ll let you know my complete thoughts tomorrow.

My Upcoming Reads:


Starting today: IN THE VALLEY OF THE SUN by Andy Davidson  –This is a part of a group read I’m doing, so I’ll post thoughts tomorrow on what I think of the beginning of this one. I’ve heard great things, plus, it’s a vampire book!

Friday, Tim Meyer’s brand-new one, DEAD DAUGHTERS, is out from Poltergeist Press. I pre-ordered the paperback edition, so as soon as it arrives, I am diving in! Love the cover, and I really love the progress I’ve seen over the last couple years in Tim’s writing. This one should be awesome.


After Tim’s new book, I plan on reading my ARC of Matt Hayward’s next book, THOSE BELOW THE TREE HOUSE (June 11th, Poltergeist Press). This one is on my Kindle , so it will be the next in line on my device after Davidson’s book.


For my readers, I’ve just put the paperback edition of my 3rd novel, BECOMING, back up online. It also features the bonus novella, BOOM TOWN.

Untitled design (1)

And of course, you can pre-order my next novel, UNTIL SUMMER COMES AROUND in hardcover or paperback (eBook and audio editions will also be available soon). The coming of age/80s/ vampire novel unleashes from Flame Tree Press on May 21st!


Feel free to comment with what you’re reading or what you plan on reading.

Stay safe out there! (Check out my buddy Ben Roy with his band SPELLS. This is their unofficial PSA)


Wow! Two amazing new reviews for UNTIL SUMMER COMES AROUND.

I woke up on April Fool’s Day and was instantly cheered up from the downer of the this Covid-19 world….

First up, thanks to Flame Tree Press for distributing ARCs of my new vampire/coming of age story, UNTIL SUMMER COMES AROUND.

Thanks to Richard from the Left Coast for this great review. Hearing that the story moved him to tears…dang, heartstrings. As a writer, I’ve always loved to be able to move someone in such a deep way. I used to do it with songs, so it’s cool to hear I am able to reach in that far with a story, as well.

Next up, we have Janine!

“This book ROCKS!
Honestly, I absolutely adored it. I had seen a quote suggesting if you liked Salem’s Lot (the very first horror book I ever read) and The Lost Boys (still one of my favourite vamp movies) then you would definitely enjoy this. Well whoever said that was dead (gettit) right. BECAUSE THIS BOOK IS ALL SORTS OF AMAZEBALLS.”

Read Janine’s full review here:

Check out the UNTIL SUMMER COMES AROUND soundtrack at SPOTIFY

And be sure to pre-order UNTIL SUMMER COMES AROUND wherever you buy books!


My old obsession with vampires and love- I give you the vampire love song, “I Want to Suck Your Blood”