(Share the Horror) Favorites Books of 2019.

I am late to the party…but here are my Top 12 Favorites Reads of 2019  (books on my list had to be released in 2019 to qualify).

Click on the covers to go to the GoodReads page (where you can see my full review and get the links to your favorite stores for purchase).

#12 LIMBS by Tim Meyer

“Meyer goes where few have gone before and delivers a fun little novella about a very strange fetish.”




“Good characterizations, solid plot, and a perfect ending. I find that a hard combination to beat.”



#10 THE HAUNTING OF HENDERSON CLOSE by Catherine Cavendish

“I couldn’t put it down. Come to Henderson Close and find out what haunts these old streets!”



#9 LORDS OF THE DEEP by Tim Meyer & Patrick Lacey

LORDS OF THE DEEP is National Treasure meets Indiana Jones meets The Fog.”



#8 THE LAST ASTRONAUT by David Wellington

 “I thoroughly enjoyed the days and nights I spent with THE LAST ASTRONAUT, and the ending was completely satisfying (always a huge bonus)!”



#7 ONE BY ONE by D.W. Gillespie

 “ONE BY ONE is one of my favorite reads of 2019.”



#6 WILL HAUNT YOU by Brian Kirk

WILL HAUNT YOU is original and mind-bending. Not your typical horror novel, this one will turn your brain upside down and spin you right round, baby!”



#5 WHERE STARS WON’T SHINE by Patrick Lacey 

WHERE STARS WON’T SHINE is Lacey really coming into his own.”



#4 CRICKET HUNTERS by Jeremy Hepler

“Fantastic! CRICKET HUNTERS will be in the conversation for best book of 2019.”



#3 A VOICE SO SOFT by Patrick Lacey

“Lacey hits on all cylinders here. A VOICE SO SOFT is just further proof of his gifts.”



#2 THE DARK GAME by Jonathan Janz

“The story read like something straight out of the Leisure Books Horror Club heyday!
THE DARK GAME is a horror gem.”



#1 THE INSTITUTE by Stephen King

“Fan-freaking-tastic. Filled with characters you give a shit about in situations you can’t imagine. This is why we love King. His voice is like comfort food to us Constant Readers. The power of friendship and togetherness in the face of evil, and the willingness to do what’s right make this one another smash hit. THE INSTITUTE proves he’s a good as ever.”



Another year of great reads!  There were so many last year that I did not get a chance to read (including new ones from Hunter Shea, John Everson, Duncan Ralston, J.H. Moncreiff, and so many others). That said, it was certainly one of the better ones for me. I enjoyed so many new books, a few new authors, and even got to reread a few old favorites, too. This year looks just as packed, so off we go…there are so many pretty little books to read!

Stay in, stay safe, and READ!

Alien Agenda Publishing unleashed two new books in 2019–PARADISE, MAINE by Jackson R. Thomas and CELESTIAL SEEPAGE by Brian Fatah Steele. Be sure to check them out if you get a chance.  Cheers!


And of course, be sure to grab a copy of Alien Agenda Publishing’s latest monster:

RISE by Jackson R. Thomas


And lastly, if you want to pre-order my upcoming coming of age/80s/vampire novel, UNTIL SUMMER COMES AROUND, you know I won’t try to stop you.


One response to “(Share the Horror) Favorites Books of 2019.”

  1. Good list! I finished Will Haunt You a couple of days ago. Five freaked-out stars! I have Paradise, Maine on my Kindle to read.:-) I liked The Haunting of Henderson Close.

    Three more 2019 horrors that I REALLY enjoyed were Black Heart Boys’ Club by Lawson, Ration by Luff, and Blood Sugar by Kraus.

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