THE WINDOW sale, Reviews and Blog Posts, and a word on the late great Richard Laymon

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I wrote this book over a seven year period, give or take, and when it finally came out in September of 2018, I was so relieved and excited.  It’s one part coming of age story and one part down in the dirt almost splatterpunk possession story. Stepping back, it sounds like a strange concoction, and I was worried about how a reader who prefers one side of that fence to the other might react to this book, but at the end of the day you just have to trust in your characters and your story. This is definitely one of my favorite books that I’ve written, and as it turns out, many of my readers’ favorite, too.

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It was a book that demanded a lot from me to write, and it’s a story that I couldn’t have told without slicing myself open and bleeding onto the page. By far, the most personal book in my catalog. I was overwhelmed by the tremendous response in the reviews that followed.

“A flawlessly executed character driven modern day horror tale centered around demonic seduction and possession unlike any other out there. (Rolfe) manages to knock this horror gem right outside the horror park. Highly recommended!” – The Horror Fiction Review
“A novel that had virtually everything you could ask for in a horror story. Rolfe certainly shows his growth as an author with this emotional and action-packed tale.” – Horror After Dark
“Never gonna look in a mirror or out a window again! Deep and rich with meaning, and even if all you’re hoping for is a strong scary story-THE WINDOW will surely scare your socks off!” – The Haunted Reading Room
“The Window is a fresh take on the demonic possession tropes and Rolfe has a new fan favorite on his hands. He goes for the jugular hard and often and it works wonderfully.”- Mangled Matters
“Rolfe had already arrived in the horror world before THE WINDOW. Now, he will take a step up into the next echelon of horror greats and it will be completely deserved off of this masterpiece.” – Kendall Reviews
“I am a big fan of coming of age/horror where the friendships run deep and the horror threatens not only the soul but the bonds forged between loved ones, so this was a hit for me.” – Well Worth a Read
“In THE WINDOW, Rolfe pulls open the ribs and exposes a dark red heart of a story that you won’t soon forget. Recommended.” – Philip Fracassi, author of BEHOLD THE VOID and SHILOH
“At times, THE WINDOW is brutally vicious. It’s a story which pulls no punches and is right up there with my favorite reads of 2018.” – Frank Michael Errington’s Horrible Book Reviews


It was my last new book read and reviewed by the great Frank Michael Errington. I’m going to miss hearing his thoughts on my work. He truly was one of the best.



And I’d be remiss not too mention Richard Laymon today. I never knew the man, only his books. I knew they had a way of hooking into me and dragging me along through whatever wildly horrific adventure he had in mind.  Laymon passed away today back in 2001. His book and his style inspired so many of us working in the horror fiction world. He could scare us. titillate us, disturb and disgust us, or just transport us back to time of innocence.  Books like The Cellar, The Traveling Vampire Show, and The Woods Are Dark had just as much influence on The Window as any other book or film. Laymon didn’t just walk you through his stories, he ran you through them, and he often moved at full-speed. He never set out to be a literary giant or garner a pile of awards. He was a horror writer having the time of his life. And that, more than anything, is what I love and take from his books.


My deal for THE WINDOW is for the entire weekend and Monday, too. It’s a Kindle Exclusive and it’s 99 cents everywhere. US, UK, the moon, and zoom, zoom, too.  The paperback edition is just $7.99 if that’s more your speed, or if you just have to stuff your face into it for a good smell. 🙂  I know it’s Valentine’s Day, but there are plenty of us alone or away from our loved ones tonight.  If you need something scary to dig into, or you want some blood on this nasty holiday, grab a copy and start reading tonight.  Whatever the case, I hope you consider purchasing a copy and enjoy the ride.

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  1. Are you ever gonna post your Best books of 2019 list? February is gonna end now.

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