(Share the Horror) January Reads & Reviews


January is always slow at the hotel, so I get a lot of my reading done early. A number of these I started in December, but I did manage to squeeze in a couple shorter ones, LIMBS from Tim Meyer and ANTARCTIC ICE BEASTS from Hunter Shea, as well.

Overall, this was a very good set of reads. LIMBS and ANTARCTIC ICE BEASTS were a bit quirky, but still kept me entertained, especially LIMBS, the quirkiest love story this side of a prosthetics factory!

J.H. Moncrieff’s RETURN TO DYATLOV PASS had so many things I love–yetis (maybe), podcasters, winter mountain climbing (these types of stories are always so intense: see also Malfi’s THE ASCENT), and great characters.

David Wellington’s  THE LAST ASTRONAUT was a ton of sci-fi horror fun with a strong set of female characters and male douchebags. Guys, we really do a great job at fucking things up, don’t we?  I really enjoyed this one.

Simone St. James is a new to me author I found thanks to the My Favorite Murder Instagram page.  I grabbed THE BROKEN GIRLS from the library, and after a few pages, preordered St. James’ next one THE SUNDOWN MOTEL. Fiona’s sister was murdered on the grounds of the closed girls school, Idlewild Hall, back in 1994. Years later, as a journalist, Fiona catches wind of a new owner set on reopening the old school. When a body of a young woman is found at the bottom of the well, the past comes back into play and Fiona is swept up in it all.  It goes back and forth from present day to the 50s when the school was still active and a set of girls that play a huge role in all that unfolds.  I thought this book was fan-freaking-tastic.

I’m looking forward to fitting in a few more 2019 titles over the next couple weeks before I do my Favorites of 2019 book list.

I’m currently reading Hunter Shea’s SLASH and Caitlin Starling’s THE LUMINOUS DEAD. Digging both of these very much.

You can see and follow all my 2020 reviews here: Grolfe @ Goodreads  

Stay tuned and stay positive!

One response to “(Share the Horror) January Reads & Reviews”

  1. Hunter Shea is a fun story teller, eh?! Limbs caught my eye. Quirky is cool with me.

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