A few weeks ago, Flame Tree Press put up an ARC of my forthcoming novel, UNTIL SUMMER COMES AROUND, at NetGalley. They also started sending out print ARCs to reviewers and magazines, that sort of thing.  Honestly, I wasn’t ready.  Mentally, I was preparing myself to do promotions in a few months (the book isn’t out until May 21st).

One of the things that had me more anxious with this release than any of my previous ones is that the only people that read it were me, Don, and one of the other Flame Tree editors. Unlike previous books that I sent to Erin,  my usual editor, and maybe a couple other writer buds to eyeball, this one went straight from my laptop to my publisher (more on that in a later post).

It is an odd feeling for me.

The first reviews are already coming in and I’m not even sure how to share and promote those (it feels so early), but I figured when I get anxious about something it helps to write, so here we are.

Personally, I think if you took the movies, The Lost Boys, Bumblebee, and one of almost any 80s young love stories and put them together, you’d get something like this book.   From the early reviews, I think that’s what people are getting from it, too and that makes me smile.

Here’s a few snippets from those reviews (all available at GoodReads or NetGalley)

“The cutest coming of age love story that goes terrible wrong!”

The Lost Boys mixed with Romeo and Juliet.”

“Glenn Rolfe and Flame Tree press have teamed up for a title that I’d not only rank as Rolfe’s best, but I’d also rank it amongst my other favorite Flame Tree Press titles.”

“This was a totally awesome 80s inspired vampire horror novel. The book gave me Fright Night and Lost Boys vibes.”

“It made you feel like a teen again and I really loved that. Plus the killings? I dig it, that is why I wanted to read it in the first place–so, sweet love story with vampire murders? Sign me up!”

“(Until Summer Comes Around) is well written, has great pacing and brought back a lot of memories for me of my own youth, holidays, girls I met and still managed to weave a solid horror story throughout. I highly recommend this book.”

Even one of my tougher critics enjoyed it (for the most part). So far its been very positive. If you want to get an early peek at this one,  it is still available by request at NetGalley: Until Summer Comes Around 

Or if you have been receiving Flame Tree ARCs through the publisher, feel free to ask your contact there for a copy.

Also, check out the sweet Spotify soundtrack: UNTIL SUMMER COMES AROUND (An Original Novel Soundtrack)

I hope you guys dig it!

And expect plenty of posts regarding the book in the coming weeks and months. Cheers!

Here’s a couple of videos that just missed the soundtrack


  1. The Lost Boys mixed with Romeo and Juliet, now that piques my curiosity!

    1. It made me smile. I had so much fun writing this story.

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