HYPED FOR 2020: Most Anticipated Reads

2019 is over (almost), so I thought I’d follow in the footsteps of some of my writer and reviewer buds, and give you my most anticipated books of 2020!

We’ll do top 5, since I’m sure there are plenty of books by writers I love that I am not yet aware of for the upcoming year.

AND AS ALWAYS.click on the covers below to pre-order.

(DEVIL’S CREEK isn’t up yet)





Stephen Graham Jones is an outstanding writer. His coming of age werewolf novel, MONGRELS, is one of my favorite books of all-time. His collection, AFTER THE PEOPLE LIGHTS HAVE GONE OFF, is also one of my top collections ever. It is with baited breath that I await THE ONLY GOOD INDIANS.








Jonathan Janz is one of the most dedicated horror writers around. His two newest FLAME TREE PRESS books, THE SIREN AND THE SPECTER, and the amazing, THE DARK GAME, serve as proof that he is only getting better. There’s no reason to not think THE RAVEN isn’t a hit just waiting to be unleashed!








Todd Keisling is best known for his novellas and the fantastic UGLY LITTLE THINGS set of horror stories. I’ve been patiently waiting for this man and his piles of endless talent to deliver an epic horror novel…and the wait is nearly over! Thanks to SILVER SHAMROCK, we will be given Keisling’s next horror offering, the novel, DEVIL’S CREEK.







Adam Cesare is one of the most driven forces in the horror writing world that I’ve ever run into. His books, TRIBESMEN, THE SUMMER JOB, and VIDEO NIGHT rocked my horror loving heart. In terms of “new releases”, he’s been missing the last year or two.  I figured he was up to something big, and I was right.

CLOWN IN A CORNFIELD will mark Cesare’s debut within the realm of Young Adult Horror, and I think he’s going to nail the heck out of it.  Also, it’s coming from HARPER COLLINS, so expect a great push. And peep that rad cover!




Brian Moreland is one of my favorite writers of he last decade. His books, SHADOWS IN THE MIST and DEAD OF WINTER are amazing, and his novella, DARKNESS RISING, is a true horror gem.

Watching how well Moreland has worked historical periods within some of his stories, I cannot wait to see what he does with Ancient Egypt. TOMB OF GODS marks his first full-length release in a couple years, and I feel like I’ve been starved. Easily my MOST anticipated book of 2020.





I’m curious to see what we get in way of new releases from Patrick Lacey, Gwendolyn Kiste,  and Ronald Malfi, too.  Hopefully, we get something from each of them!

I left off the new King book, IF IT BLEEDS. I think that one goes without saying (even though I kind of just said it).


Anyways, I also have a new book on the way (May 21st from Flame Tree Press), if you dig love stories, coming of age, vampires, Old Orchard Beach, and all things 1980s, you’ll probably want to check out UNTIL SUMMER COMES AROUND.




When fifteen year old Rocky Zukas meets a mysterious dark-haired girl named November, his world is forever changed. The young couple falls under the spell of summer love, but not everyone approves. November’s brother, Gabriel, is the keeper of the family’s secret, and big brother is always watching, growing more sinister as his bloodlust gets the best of him. Directing his attention to Rocky’s family, Gabriel aims to make sure little sister knows who is in charge.






Don’t Yuck Someone Else’s Yum


So this comes from something my wife has been trying to ingrain in my brain since the year we got together/married.  I remember being out with some younger friends of ours (I mean like they were 19, 20 or so, and I was 27) at an UNO or someplace in South Portland.  I used to jam with some pop punk friends that had a band called, THE LEFTOVERS (Great stuff, you should go look them up! doh, links!  THE LEFTOVERS)

Anyways, Adam’s girlfriend, Lindsay was sitting near me and she ordered something I thought sounded disgusting (either something with spinach or artichoke or both, idk) and I made some dumb comment, like “gross’ or something.  It was stupid. I was still a child (at 27, yes, I know. How do you think my wife felt?) That was the first time she played the “Don’t yuck someone else’s yum” card.

Over the years, she’s always worked hard to instill this idea into our three kiddos, too (to mild success).

I started using Facebook back in 2010 and Twitter a while after that. One of the things I see time and time again is someone expressing their love for something always, ALWAYS someone who feels the need to tell them what they love sucks, and it sucks for reasons a. or a, b, and c.

I have been guilty of yucking yums for years (despite my wife’s constant reminders). And I’ve done it a lot.  I’m fucking 42. I should know better.

As a horror writer mingling among all the other indie-horror writers and reviewers, it’s so tempting to voice my opinion. And many, many, many times, I have. Usually, if the author of the book being heaped with sugary sweet praise is already established and I know (or think) my little ding against them won’t hurt them or their sales.

Whether that’s the case or not, why do I feel compelled to do this?  Is it something nasty like envy or jealousy? I’m sure that’s in there somewhere (only human), but there’s also just a matter of having a different taste than the author or reviewer.

What I’ve been noticing the last month or two is I’ll start to type up my well, i don’t think… and then, I’ll stop.  I ask myself, “What is this going to accomplish?” or “Why am I yucking someone else’s yum?”

I’ve even started to start scrolling past these things that tempt me. Someone is excited about movie “X” or band “Y” and for the most part, I’ve kept my opinions to myself.  The last one I can think of was having to do with my buddy Brian Fatah Steele’s love of a certain indie pop-rock band that I shall not name. We were at least able to turn that into a running joke that (I think) we both think is funny.

(By the way, check out Brian’s excellent cosmic horror book, CELESTIAL SEEPAGE)

I noticed I’d stopped myself a number of times in a row and thought, “wow, this feels much better.” I don’t wind myself up or the person that was just trying to tell us what they enjoyed, and just like that, there’s a little less negativity in the world.

New Year’s is coming up soon. The time for those pesky resolutions that we kind of sorta mean. How about his. Why don’t we try to show a little more restraint this year and let people love what they love?  Obviously, if you’re a reviewer, it’s part of your job to tell what you think, but for the rest of us…let’s see if we can live and let live in this wild social media world.

If you ain’t got nothin’ good to say, don’t say anything at all.

Don’t yuck someone else’s yum.

Stay positive and keep scrolling (not trolling).

Also, this is a happy little video from THE LEFTOVERS for ya. Happy Tuesday!