Book Review – Paradise, Maine by Jackson R. Thomas

Author, Morgan Tanner takes a trip to PARADISE, MAINE with Jackson R. Thomas.
Let the madness begin!

MORGAN K TANNER, Writer of Horror


Paradise, Maine is a location that sounds too good to be true. A small town with picturesque views, friendly locals, and beautiful woodland. Oh, and a sadistic murderous beast that stalks said woodland.

You see, the seemingly friendly townsfolk know all too well about The Watcher, this strange beast-cannibal-human-monster thing in the woods. When out-of-towners visit their little community, the locals know exactly what’s going to happen to them, and do their very best to assist in any way they can. Of course they do, as the helpless visitors haven’t exactly arrived there by coincidence.

Enter Darren and Vanis, a couple who have had their problems. Getting away for a break in the country sounds like bliss and just what their relationship needs. Surely this time away will heal the bitterness and trust issues once and for all.

But, of course, this is a horror novel.

We’re introduced to The…

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