{Leisure Time with Glenn Rolfe} Episode 1: Covenant by John Everson

A new monthly piece I’ll be doing over at CEDAR HOLLOW HORROR REVIEWS.

Leisure Time


Episode One:

COVENANTby John Everson

Welcome to Leisure Time. I’m your host, Glenn Rolfe. While I should be hard at work writing a new short story or finishing a novella or a new novel…instead, I’m here with you sharing my thoughts and love for my favorite line of horror books ever.

Leisure Books was the king of mass market paperbacks in the late 90s and throughout most of the 2000s. They were the “cheap” place for horror books before the eBook explosion of the late 2000s. They were led by acquisition editor extraordinaire, Don D’Auria (Samhain Publishing, Flame Tree Press) and rostered some of the greatest horror writers of our time. From the late greats Jack Ketchum and Richard Laymon to upstart newbies (at the time) such as Brian Keene, Ronald Malfi, and John Everson, the list is huge…

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