Update City: Reviews are pouring in for THE WINDOW

2018 ended on a high note. My fourth novel, THE WINDOW, landed on the reviewer site, NetGalley, and the reviews are really starting to roll in.  Most of them are really positive which blows me away and makes me so happy! Thank you guys!

THE WINDOW is still available for request at NETGALLEY  and is now available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and Apple Books  universal link here: THE WINDOW

Here’s what the people are saying…..

“At times, it’s brutally violent. But it isn’t gore for the sake of gore. The Window is a fantastic story that will have you on the edge of your seat.” – NetGalley Reviewer

“A fun, intense, emotionally charged, action-packed coming-of-age read.” – Jeremy Hepler, author of THE BOULEVARD MONSTER

“This book was addictive and it was one book that gave me a book hangover, as I read into the middle of the night, just to find out what happened!”  – Yvonne, Kindle Unlimited Subscriber

“A unique story where the demons have attainable goals, great characterization all around, and a coming-of-age angle that blends perfectly into the direction of the novel. Rolfe certainly shows his growth as an author with this emotional and action-packed tale.” – NetGalley Reviewer

“Similar to Brian Keene’s Ghoul…and I’m a big fan of Keene. Will be checking out the rest of Glenn’s work!” – Johann, Amazon Reviewer

“Mr. Rolfe conjures up some impressive ingredients for this horror stew. The Window is a different take on possession. One that I enjoyed and highly recommend. You won’t find any priests or crucifixes here. Please put away your fundamental knowledge of possession and treat yourself to a new horrifying experience!” – Trisha, Amazon/GoodReads reviewer

“I highly recommend The Window to anyone with eyes and the ability to read. Just be sure to avoid staring into any reflective surfaces after; you never know who, or what, may be looking back.” – Brandy, Amazon/GoodReads Reviewer

OUT NOW! (1)

Available wherever fine eBooks are sold: THE WINDOW

I’ll be promoting  this novel well into this new year, so if you want to feature me on your blog, I am available for interviews or Guest Posts.  email me : glenntheory@hotmail.com or hit me up at Twitter @grolfehorror

#GetRolfed #DemonsintheWindow #TheWindowWorldTour

Stay tuned and stay positive!


2 responses to “Update City: Reviews are pouring in for THE WINDOW”

  1. That’s great, Glenn! Congrats are in order!

  2. Very happy about this!! Happy to have been a part of it. 🙂

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