ElevationElevation by Stephen King

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“Not a wind, not even a high, exactly, but an elevation. A sense that you had gone beyond yourself and could go farther still.”

What a wonderful story. This is one of those special little breaths from Stephen King. A story where his non-horror shines, and maybe even outshines, his regular fear factory of words. I think of stories like Joyland and The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, gems among his highway of crimson monstrosities he has entertained and frightened us with over the years.

I could not put this short book down. I had to find out what happened next.

This is a story of overcoming the things in life that hold us down. About letting go of things that we carry for reasons we may have forgotten. It truly is about elevating to a better you. And it’s not told in an in-your-face way, Elevation is just a book of pure wonder, an uplifting moment in the King canon that will find a way to make you smile at what could be…if we’d just let it.

“…the whole world had stood revealed in the usually hidden glory of ordinary things…”

This book will rest among my collection, nestled next to the horror, but holding it down for the good we should all pay forward.

I give ELEVATION 5 stars!

Reminder: Not a horror story, just a great slice of fiction .


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