Forever October by Michelle Garza

Check out this piece by Michelle Garza!

Ink Heist


October is my favorite month, not only for the horror love getting amped up but because the season bares some strange and mystic fruit of times long gone, it implores us remember our dead and in the wind change can be felt climbing up your back to whisper in your ear the tragedies of the past and mysteries of the future. It’s a time when the veil between worlds grows thinner and threw it slips visions of other realities, shadows of beings unhindered by flesh and bone, and echoes of times that never existed here. It’s a time when myth melds with reality and old wives’ tales grow legs and walk the earth. During the whole month there are more than just frights in store but trickery and witchcraft, creating an atmosphere of living in the pages of a Grimm fairytale. It’s also the perfect time to grab…

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