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The Eyes of Madness

“Ex Libris The Eyes of Madness, simple reviews from a simple reader…”

Today I have the pleasure of being joined by Glenn Rolfe, an writer who has been entertaining me for a few years now, since his first release The Haunted Halls. With the release of his latest, The Window, Glenn shares a part of his process, his ritual. Some writers pop a bottle of champagne after completing a manuscript, others compile a playlist.

Glenn, the mic is yours.

Music from the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: THE WINDOW

One of my favorite things to do after finishing a novel is to put together the soundtrack. I have a nice little pile of these babies in my “playlists” on my Kindle. Music always plays a huge part in my storytelling, I use it to help set the mood and tone of certain scenes, and to help give you a little insight…

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