The Black Train - Edward Lee

Man, this is a freaking horror book! I read it originally back in 2009 when it came as part of my subscription to the Leisure Books Horror Club. I’m happy to report that eight years later, this book is still one of my all-time favorites. Great characters, fantastic story, and some of the most horrifying scenes I’ve ever read.


The story of Justin Collier, a Food Network star looking for the final entry to complete his new book on America’s best craft beers. When he lands in Gast, Tennessee, and checks in to Ms. Butler’s bed-n-breakfast, the true madness begins! Sex, violence, all of the most disturbing scenes I’ve ever read in a novel, and a fantastic and terrifying ghost story make Edward Lee’s THE BLACK TRAIN an unforgettable trip.


Just a note here: The most impressive thing about this book might be how Lee uses these “disturbing” scenes and gets away with it. He earns the right to show you each and every nightmare within these pages. Despite the depravity of many of the scenes, each and every one serves the story and only intensifies the fear factor.


I give THE BLACK TRAIN 5 stars! I wouldn’t recommend this one to anyone that might be easily offended or disturbed. Definitely more of a hardcore horror book, but one that is so much more.  

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