2017 was a pretty great year for horror. IT was huge at the Box Office, and we had a number of great releases in horror fiction from authors like Stephen King, Ronald Malfi,  Hunter Shea, Jonathan Janz, Joe Hill, Josh Malerman, the Sisters of Slaughter, Russell James, Kristopher Rufty, Patrick Lacey, Matt Hayward,  and many, many more.

As January is getting ready to say goodbye (January 31st is my beautiful wife’s birthday, btw), a rash of beautiful and thought-provoking covers for 2018 releases have been flooding social media. And I am freaking excited!!!!  These authors and these cover are amazing. There are way more than the ones featured here in my post, but these ones are special to me.


PRACTITIONERS from Patrick Lacey and Matt Hayward (Bloodshot Books)

Wow, great cover, great new writers…great new publisher.  Get ready for some horror madness!


One of horrors next big names, Jonathan Janz releases his next novel with FLAME TREE PRESS.  (Don D’Auria from Leisure Book/Samhain is heading this new horror line).

Janz is on the cusp of exploding, will THE SIREN ADN THE SPECTER be his breakout hit? I don’t know, but that title rocks and that cover is gorgeous.


Bram Stoker-nominated author, Peter N. Dudar returns with his next nightmare fueled release, THE GOAT PARADE (Grinning Skull Press).

Look at that cover! And yeah, this one promises to be dark.


Hunter Shea is one of the kings of creature-features, and this next release, CREATURE (from Flame Tree Press) looks awesome!


Another Flame Tree Press release for 2018, THE MOUTH OF THE DARK from Bram Stoker winner, Tim Waggoner looks like another terrific novel.  This is one of the hardest workers in the horror community. Tim will deliver, no doubt.

And of course…..


My next release, LAND OF BONES, should be dropping in the next month. 🙂

This is my second short story collection. I hope you guys dig it.


We’ll also get new books from Stephen King, John Everson, Brian Keene, Patrick Lacey (solo), Brain Moreland (hopefully), Russell James (sequel to CARVERNED OF THE DAMNED) and too many more to mention.

Stay tuned!

Feel free to comment on which cover is your favorite, or with what books you’re looking forward to.