Writing Advice: Answering a Goodreads Question.


What’s your advice for aspiring writers?


My advice is to stay true to who you are. Tell the story that you want to tell. There are plenty of people who try to write to an audience or that try to write a story they think will sell. That might work for a bit, but you chance losing yourself, your voice.

Don’t get complacent. Don’t stick to one type of story. Push yourself, stretch out with each tale. If you’re not sure where a story is supposed to go, let the characters dictate the direction. What would they do next? They might lead you into a mystery or a science fiction tinged area. That’s okay. Even if you don’t usually go into those genres, let yourself try it out. You might be surprised at the results.

Example: I started out knowing that I wanted to write horror. My first completed draft was for a werewolf novel called, BLOOD AND RAIN. Lots of blood and rain and a lot of good gory fun. Next up, I wrote an evil hotel story called, THE HAUNTED HALLS. More blood, more guts, more stormy nights.  Then, I started a story about a ghost girl beneath a bridge. It was supposed to be a quick ghost story, but as I got into it, it began to go off in different directions. What was supposed to be eerie and spooky, took on a darker edge and opened into this small town mystery. I remember thinking, I’m not a mystery writer. I don’t know how to do that. BUT that’s the only direction that felt right. After a few hours of arguing with myself, I gave in and got back to the story. That was my novella, ABRAM’S BRIDGE. It caught the eye of the only editor I cared to work with , Don D’Auria, and landed me my first publishing contract with Samhain Publishing.

I followed novella up with a scary story that demanded to be horror and science fiction! Another road that I hadn’t traveled.  I pushed through and wound up with a contract for that one, too. (BOOM TOWN is now available as a bonus novella with my latest novel, BECOMING).

Don’t write for anyone but you. Remember that no one is watching you while you write that first draft. Let it go where it wants. And though you may be tempted to jump on a hot trope, or feel the desperate need to be super original, just remember to be true to you. YOU are what makes your stories special. Never forget that.

Good luck.–GR

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