GET ROLFED ALL WEEKEND LONG: 99 cent deals and freebies!



Let me freak you out.

 Starting today, you can snag a FREE copy of my triple shot of alien-horror stories, OUT OF RANGE. Saturday and Sunday, you can also grab copies of my werewolf novel, BLOOD AND RAIN, and my latest novel, BECOMING, for just 99 cents.

This is a perfect time to start or add to your Rolfe collection.

Click on the book covers to be directed to the purchasing options.




“Wow! Easily one of the best werewolf books I’ve ever read.”- Hunter Shea, author  of WE ARE ALWAYS WATCHING

“We  have a great villain to root against, and heroes to cheer for. Many more experienced, more celebrated  writers could learn from Rolfe.  If you Love werewolves, you’ll love Blood and Rain.” – Brett J. Talley, author of HE WHO WALKS IN SHADOW

“A welcome addition to the werewolf mythos and proof that we’re in the presence of a rising star in the genre. Highly recommended!”- Ronald Malfi, author of BONE WHITE and THE NIGHT PARADE




“Three fantastic shorts bearing a common vibe, that of old school sci-fi/ horror such as Invaders from Mars. All three have a dark malice about them, a shroud of anxiety and a tiny dollop of wonder. You are going to leave this read wanting more.” – The Eyes of Madness

“Rolfe is a force to be reckoned with. These stories left me with chills.  Brutal and frightening, but also awe inspiring. ” – Michelle Garza, co-author of MAYAN BLUE and THOSE WHO FOLLOW


“Rolfe doesn’t hold back when it comes to gore and carnage. Several twists come out during the tale to further heighten the excitement, and bring forth an entirely new level of horror to contemplate.” – Horror After Dark
“BECOMING is a thrilling roller coaster ride from cover to cover and, in my opinion, Rolfe’s best yet.” – Into The Macabre
“Frantic, breakneck, relentless.” – Unnerving Magazine
“Becoming is a fast-paced read that will hook you from the start!” – Cedar Hollow Horror Reviews

“Old-fashioned creature-feature…BECOMING is raw horror.” – The Haunted Reading Room

Click on the book covers to be directed to the purchasing options.

BECOMING and BLOOD AND RAIN are also available in Print. If you have these titles already, tell a friend, share this post, or just have a drink.  🙂
Also on sale for 99 cents this weekend are these great pieces by a couple of my friends:

THE SUMMER JOB by Adam Cesare

“The prologue of The Summer Job is one the best and scariest openings to a horror novel I’ve ever read…The rest of the novel is equally great.” –LitReactor

“Cesare’s latest is a knockout…There’s a potent retro vibe running through Cesare’s work, in general–he’s the closest thing literary horror has to its own Jim Mickle or Ti West.” –Complex

“The textbook definition of a nail-biter. The Summer Job is a kissing cousin to inbred classics from masters like Ketchum and Kilborn. Cesare’s best novel yet.” –Bloody Disgusting

HABEAS CORPSE by Nikki Hopeman


“DEXTER meets Deadite… Nikki Hopeman’s book just might be the most clever zombie story to hit the shelves in quite some time.” ~ Michael Arnzen, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of PLAY DEAD

“An excellent read.” ~ Scott A. Johnson, author of DEADLANDS









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