I was supposed to attend this year’s STC convention, but due to some miscalculations on my part, I had to cancel and stay home. I had a blast last year.  I’m sure my friends, who are arriving in Williamsburg as we speak, will carry the torch.

That said, I wanted to give you a list of books you should grab while you’re there. So here we go:

34677623WE CAME BACK by Patrick Lacey

Patrick is one of the best new horror writers out there. This book is fantastic, and all of the proceeds are going to fight cancer in honor of his dad.  Win/win, make sure you help him sell every copy.






download (3) BONE WHITE by Ronald Malfi

Ron is my favorite author not named Stephen King. This book is out on the 25th, but Ron will have early copies for sale. I was lucky enough to get a copy a few weeks ago. This may be my pick for Novel of the Year.  My review is posted here on the site.







vicki-beautifulVICKI BEAUTIFUL by Somer Canon

This is a fun novella that was just twisted enough to stick with me after I read it. I’m sure Somer will have copies with her. I advise you to buy one.









EXORCIST FALLS by Jonathan Janz

This is a very wild ride. From the original and excellent novella (EXORCIST ROAD-which is included) to the thrilling follow-up, you can’t go wrong with this one. Plus, it has a really, really cool cover.









THE SUMMER JOB by Adam Cesare

I am this book’s biggest fan. A young lady needs an escape from the city. She takes a job at an inn and discovers there just might be a lot more going on in the country. For you eBook types, this one is on sale right now for 99 cents!  But grab the paperback if you’re at the convention.







BRAIN DEAD BLUES by Matt Hayward

This is Matt’s debut short story collection. I’m in the middle of this one as we speak–good stuff.  Matt is a cool ass Irish mofo that travels across the mighty sea to attend. Grab a copy of the book and make a new best friend.








Those are my top picks. You can also grab great books from Tim Meyer, Armand Rosamilia, Amber Fallon, Matt Manochio, Wrath James White, and Brian Keene (of course). I’m sure there are many other great authors in attendance that would love to make a new fan, too.

Travel safe, have some beers, pick up some new favorite reads, and make sure to have fun.

Maybe we’ll see you guys next year.





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