Hey, ho, Let’s go!

Okay, so I’ve been on the DL for the last few weeks. Here’s what’s up:

The Print Edition of BECOMING will make its way to Amazon/CreateSpace later this week.

Jason Lynch has done a wonderful job with the cover and the overall look of this one. Thank you, sir!!!


I’m also hard at work on finishing up FOLLOW ME DOWN, my next novella that will be available in print EXCLUSIVELY at Scare That Care IV.

As soon as that’s finished, I’ll be diving back into the sequel to BLOOD AND RAIN and then finishing up my (already) completed 4th novel, THE WINDOW.

For all my GET ROLFED HORROR CLUB members… I have another EXCLUSIVE eBook short story coming your way at the end of summer.

If you want to get in on the GRHC, leave you email address in a comment or private massage it to me here, on Twitter, or Facebook. Or you can email me: glenntheory@hotmail.com

For you GRHC members that only do print, I have something special in mind for this fall.

There will be a number of anthology announcements coming shortly, as well.


I also wanted to take time to share a review for CHASING GHOSTS (Sinister Grin Press, 2016).  It is always great when your vision is realized, but that gets even better when someone else receives the same feeling and joy reading what you wrote:

“In both the dedication and author bio of CHASING GHOSTS, Rolfe cites Richard Laymon (among others), who will always be one of the undisputed kings of the slasher horror. If Laymon were still around to read this novella, he’d approve. Reading CHASING GHOSTS reminded me of when I was younger – staying up all night watching slasher flicks, and reading Leisure horror paperbacks. And that is a fine thing. I thought this title was the perfect length, as it was just long enough to get the creeped out juices flowing, but didn’t try to drown me in those murky juices by including anything not relevant. Fast paced, a good read. 5 stars!”  – Amazon Verified Purchase Review

Grab your copy of CHASING GHOSTS here: http://mybook.to/ChasingGhosts






The cover for FMD

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