Do You Wanna Get Rolfed? Become A Certified Get Rolfed Sycophant!

If you don’t think my shit stinks, YOU could become a certified Get Rolfed Sycophant! Sounds cool, right?

Okay, okay, I’m just having a little fun with a friend of mine, but seriously, you should sign up for my mailing list.   March signups will receive their exclusive eBook as soon as the file is ready. As for you April joiners, I’ll have more exclusives coming this summer.  Sign up HERE


If you grab a copy of BECOMING this month, you get it for $2.99 (discount!). Purchase HERE

Be sure to join us at the Goodreads Group: GORE AND MORE. I’m this month’s guest author for the group read of BECOMING. I’ll be there everyday chatting and answering questions. Click on the link and join us: GORE AND MORE

I hope my friend gets a kick out of this… If you can’t have fun, right?

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