People have opinions. You’re an artist, it comes with the territory. Deal with it.

I posted this earlier on Facebook:

Just so everyone knows, just because a number of people who read my works enjoy them, that doesn’t mean I think I’m some amazing writer. I’m still at the beginning of my writing career. I have a long way to go to reach the place, the writer I’d like to be. I do share my great reviews, also some of my bad, but that doesn’t mean I buy into my hype. I write stories I like to read and create. If you guys like ’em, cool. If not, that’s cool, too. Thanks to everyone who willingly spends time with my words. I appreciate it. Keep reading! Cheers!

This was the response from several Facebook friends:

Writing is one of those things you never stop learning how to do.

You should be proud and be able to share all the good things that come with what you are passionate about. Keep doing what you are doing! Good luck. (I have read one, and plan on reading more!)

Humble is a great trait in all art. Everything I’ve read has been killer.
writing is a continuous process for me and you should be really proud of your writing.

Well said. A few of my friends have said I’m their favorite writer, so I tell them to stop being biased liars and give me something to work with. 😂 No, but really, your humility is a admirable trait that many should keep in mind, Glenn Rolfe.

Gotta be honest….anyone that does what you can do….take these crazy, incredible images and stories from your mind and put them to paper….that is amazing.

I’m interested. Is this post in response to something that has been said? If so, I would invite the person to read my last review where I sing your praises and comment on the fact that when I don’t sing your praises, you accept it and move on to better yourself.


To which I responded:

Thanks for the kind words. i love and appreciate each of you for the support. Being an artist, putting what you’ve created out there for people to judge however they see fit… its not something everyone deals with, but it comes with the territory. This post wasn’t spurred from a bad review, but actually from someones reaction to a number of my positive reviews. I’ll just say this: It took me awhile to get used to seeing 4 and 5 star reviews, Honestly, they used to scare me worse than the 1 or 2 stars. I consider King’s “Salem’s Lot a 5 star book. Not my books. BUT my friends have told me, if people love your books, they love your books. They don’t give you 5 stars to be nice. That took me awhile to realize that its all subjective. I’m okay with any stars you want to give me. 1, 5, 3… . I write for me. As long as I like it, that’s all that ultimately matters to me. I don’t write for money. I don’t write for fame. I have a job, its working at the front desk of my hotel. I write because I enjoy the hell out of it. If I get props or some beer money, cool. If not, I’ll still keep on doing what I do. Anyways…thanks for the response.


Ultimately, it seems I’ve entered the next phase in my writing career.  I hope to keep my head held high, and write good, honest stories that will connect with someone out there.

When I was a musician, I always said that I wrote songs for people who love songs. I didn’t and never would write for other musicians. I think I’ve taken that approach to my writing, as well. I write for me, but I really enjoy listening to readers. I don’t write for writers. My stuff’s not perfect, but its the imperfections, the real, honest stuff I put in that connects with readers. I will never stop doing that. If I can win some writers over with one of my stories, cool, but its not anything I pray for.

Anyways, if you’re an artist, be true to yourself. Listen to ALL the advice you get, from people praising you AND people who point out what they see as flaws. ALWAYS listen, and know this– YOU can ALWAYS be better. The main thing is to be true to yourself and your vision. You cannot please them all and you never will. Keep on keepin’ on.


Stay tuned!


7 responses to “People have opinions. You’re an artist, it comes with the territory. Deal with it.”

  1. Mmm…well you have worked hard at your craft, and as someone who has been editing your work from almost the beginning I have first hand knowledge of how much you have improved your writing, how you always want to learn – even from each tracked change I make on sentences or suggestions I make to content – and the next time around I can truly say you try not to do it again. You’re a fast learner and a conscious learner because you listen, even when I’m brutally honest. You’ve spent a lot of time getting mixed reviews, even though in my opinion as your editor – and as someone who prides themselves in having a good writer’s eye – your stories have been great. I’ve looked at each negative review, as I’m sure you have as well, and taken that to heart on the next books. I have pushed you more in the past year than ever before to get over this hump. You may write books for YOU, but I have to like them too. I would never let you put out something that was crap or not polished as much as it could be because I care about the work. But really I’m kidding. I don’t even have to like them. BUT you aren’t just writing for you, you’re writing as a business in my opinion and for your family and for yourself to improve and be a mega writer one day. There is NOTHING wrong with that. NO ONE should have a problem with all the great reviews you are getting now that you’ve written one that is connecting. It happened with SLUSH too. And pretty much solid on Blood and Rain. So there isn’t even a reason for this post at all. You’re a writer who is improving and it allowed to get high marks. Appreciate and feel good about it and celebrate it and who cares what people say? I know you don’t like to give me a ton of credit for helping you along, but even so, I’m proud of it and proud of you. I’ve been super thrilled not just as the editor of Becoming, but for YOU because you’ve worked on this book for YEARS. Enjoy the response. And that’s all from me at this time (thank god).

    Erin Al-Mehairi
    Hook of a Book Media

    1. Thanks, E. You are a very important part of my writing career. I often refer to you as my secret weapon. Your editing and help in making me a better writer are why I am where I am.

  2. Well said, Glenn! Art is in the eye of the beholder. And I behold you to be damn good.

    1. Thanks so much , Chuck! 🙂

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  4. Thanks for this article, Glenn!
    I just hope, when and if I do finally get something out there to garner reviews, that I do just half as well as you and a lot of other friends I have on FB. You and they inspire me!

    1. Thanks, John. I’m sure you will. Best of luck, man.

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