(INTERVIEW) A Quick Chat with Jeremy Hepler, Author of THE BOULEVARD MONSTER

      Jeremy Hepler is a new name to me. His debut novel, THE BOULEVARD MONSTER (2017, Bloodshot Books) is getting some great reviews, and I trust Pete Kahle over at Bloodshot. I’m getting ready to dig into the novel this week, but I had a chance to harass Mr. Hepler early.  So, here’sContinue reading “(INTERVIEW) A Quick Chat with Jeremy Hepler, Author of THE BOULEVARD MONSTER”

(REVIEW) BLUE DEMON by David Bernstein

When the meek need defending, they call on Blue Demon, a guardian of bloodshed and retribution. Its loyalty is forever, as long as you remain righteous. For those that oppress the demon’s flock, life grows short. It kills in the most brutal fashion, and maims those it most despises. It has no feelings, only loyaltyContinue reading “(REVIEW) BLUE DEMON by David Bernstein”

Do You Wanna Get Rolfed? Become A Certified Get Rolfed Sycophant!

If you don’t think my shit stinks, YOU could become a certified Get Rolfed Sycophant! Sounds cool, right? Okay, okay, I’m just having a little fun with a friend of mine, but seriously, you should sign up for my mailing list.   March signups will receive their exclusive eBook as soon as the file isContinue reading “Do You Wanna Get Rolfed? Become A Certified Get Rolfed Sycophant!”

People have opinions. You’re an artist, it comes with the territory. Deal with it.

I posted this earlier on Facebook: Just so everyone knows, just because a number of people who read my works enjoy them, that doesn’t mean I think I’m some amazing writer. I’m still at the beginning of my writing career. I have a long way to go to reach the place, the writer I’d likeContinue reading “People have opinions. You’re an artist, it comes with the territory. Deal with it.”


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