I recently read an article by a professional fiction writer in my genre. This article pointed out a list of things this particular author didn’t want to see any more of in 2017.  While there were a couple of things I agreed with, the majority of the piece told me one thing: this person doesn’t get it.

Most of us writers do this because we like it. We love it. This is what brings us joy. Writing, and all that goes along with it, makes us happy. Yes, there are mean people out there. Yes, there are idiots with nothing better to do than shit on something someone else has done. Yes, there are bullshit artists who want people to admire them at all cost. I don’t hate on these people. I feel bad for them. They’re obviously unhappy with themselves and are lashing out where they can, whether right or wrong.

Here’s a couple of things on the “No More in 2017” list that bothered me:

Vague booking  Why not?  Who is it hurting? If it’s from an author or artist that I care about, I love it! It builds that anticipation, right? It’s meant to be fun, not spiteful. So keep doing it.

#Hashtagingpalooza  Okay, I admit, this one used to bother me, too. Until I realized two things: 1) There is a reason for it.  And 2) It can be a helluva lot of fun.  So, the reason we do it is to help share all the similar posts about the project we’re doing or trying to help with. If I hashtag ChasingGhosts, the other articles and review using the same hashtag will show up if you click on it.  So there’s the practical use.  I also like to do it just to have fun.  I’ll put up something like #TrumpLovesPeePeeParties  or #MyBrainHurtsBecauseTrumpIsKillingMyCountry or #ToddKeislingLovesPoisonMoreThanNineInchNails

Word counts   I love seeing other authors daily word counts. Why? Because I like knowing that someone else is kicking ass. I also like to see that I’m not the only one who struggles.  If someone posts that they only got in 500 words,, I feel like, okay, I’m not the only one. If someone has a burst of creativity and blasts out 10,000 words!  I’m inspired. Both ends of the spectrum have one effect on me: I wanna roll up my sleeves and get to work. That’s great. That’s fun. And if it’s an author that we love, we get excited keeping track of their progress. Bryan Smith does this a lot. You can follow his progress with almost everything he works on right up until release day.

Invites to digital book release   It’s called promotion. It’s about getting your fans and community together and excited. It’s about sales, sure, but when done right, it’s a fucking fun as hell. I’ve attended and thrown plenty. Love them.

Play-by-play updates   Some writers enjoy sharing what they worked on that day, like a really cool scene, or difficult bit that maybe they decided to cut. It gives us incite. It’s really the author pulling back that curtain and letting us in. I don’t think anybody actually gives you every single update unless their sharing it on their website. Hunter Shea did something like that with one of his projects. That was not on social media, so it was different (and cool).

Complaining about editing   For some writers, editing is the hard part that busts their balls. For me, that would be writing a synopsis! Editing is my second favorite part of the process. It’s where we make our cool ideas shine. I understand and appreciate the difficult task that editing can be. It’s not easy. For some people, it’s very hard to look critically at their work. For others, they just have so many ideas that they are super eager to get started on the next project. We all work at differently. If you struggle with necessary evils…. I feel you.

There were a couple of things on the “No More in 2017” list that I agreed with, but they’re basically things that only douchebags do, such as hating on successful authors, being self-deprecating or angry about your work or sales…. Or say, posting a review by someone who doesn’t like your book and automatically assuming that reviewer is a troll and not just someone who actually didn’t enjoy your work. Sorry, not everyone is going to give you five-stars.

You guys know me, I like to stay positive and spread good vibes. #StayGold  #KeepItonthePos

I could go off about why I think the author wrote the list, but that’s just a ball of negative energy that I’m not going to mess with.  Instead, I just want to remind you guys that we’re here to have fun. We’re here to make the sometimes tedious work of social media promotion less annoying and a lot more enjoyable for us and our followers.

Lastly, if you’re seeing a lot of these things you don’t like, there is an easy solution. Unfollow the “friends” that are bombarding you with their troubles and joys. See, super easy. Problem solved.

For my friends and followers, my brethren, my brood, if you do any of the things from this list, keep on keeping on. And remember to have fun.

And remember to use the hashtag:  #ToddKeislingLovesPoisonMoreThanNineInchNails


(FYI, Todd didn’t write the list. I’m just having fun with him)


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