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Right now, you can get these titles for just 99 cents!

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SLUSH is my first short story collection, while OUT OF RANGE is a set of three alien-horror-themed stories I put out last year.

        •  “Look, any story that begins with a little boy murdering rats and drinking their blood is going to be a screwed up story. Is it weird this one made me kinda hungry? Yeah. It’s definitely weird. But still. Wow. Hey, speaking of screwed up and disgusting, let’s talk about “Henry”. Have you ever wanted to cut your zits off with a razor? Of course you haven’t! You aren’t a crazy maniac. At least you probably aren’t. Okay, shut up. The point is, “Henry” is pretty gross. Rolfe gets all the descriptions right on this one.” – Max Booth III, author of THE NIGHTLY DISEASE on SLUSH
        • “Rolfe crafts a mesmerizing and realistic set of tales that will haunt, scare, buoy you with joy, and take you back to a simpler time when life was yet to kick you in the balls. Not so much slush as lush, a fictional, twisted trip down memory lane. Essential.” – Stuart Keane, author of CINE and GRIN
        • “Loss of youth and erosion of innocence are the common threads being spun throughout the spindle of these tales. With cursed items, cursed people, first loves, dark appetites, revenge, the unknown and the beyond being the blood that flows from the pinprick. Mr. Rolfe chaperones you through his dark landscapes by candlelight, but tread lightly…. You will be itching like a fiend to get back into these twisted and delicious yarns, because once you pick up Slush you’ll be holding 126 pages of why you became a fan of Horror in the first place.” – The Eyes of Madness
        • “Glenn proves again he is a force to be reckoned with. These stories left me with chills. Fresh takes on stories about aliens, they capture everything I ever wanted in tales of extraterrestrials, they are brutal and frightening but also awe inspiring in their descriptions.” – Michele Garza, co-author of MAYAN BLUE on OUT OF RANGE
        • Out of Range is a short collection (3 stories) of science-fiction-tinged horror that once again showcases Rolfe’s talent and perhaps even more in interestingly, it shows that Rolfe has ambitions to expand his work to incorporate other genres of fiction.” – The Grim Reader


You can also grab this great anthology VS: US horror vs. UK horror for 99 cents! Features my story, “Not Kansas Anymore”.



Check out these and many more title at my Amazon page:



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