New HUNTER SHEA coming your way from SINISTER GRIN PRESS

Hunter Shea

I’m beyond excited to not only share the brilliant cover art for my upcoming novel with Sinister Grin, but also show you the progression of the art and how it came to be in artist Zach McCain’s own words! WE ARE ALWAYS WATCHING is a chilling tale of isolation and deep, dark family secrets set on a withering Pennsylvania farm. Here’s the official Sinister Grin press release and a rare behind the scenes peek into how book covers are born.

Last month, Sinister Grin Press was very excited to announce our publishing deal with the best selling and fan favorite author Hunter Shea. This is the first time Sinister will publish work by Shea, and as well, we are honored to publish his first limited edition! In January 2017, we’ll start the year off in horrific style by making WE ARE ALWAYS WATCHING available in a hardcover Limited Collector’s…

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The Bruton Inn, located outside of the small Maine city of Hollis Oaks, is home to something sinister. An icy presence has made its way from a dark past to the present day. Cold spots, shadows, and whispers permeate the halls, and guests are beginning to change.

For two front desk employees, the dark rumors are about to come to light. They call upon an urban shaman and his connection with the spirit world to dig up the truth. Will they be able to stand against this malevolent force? Or will they come face to face with something beyond their most frightful dreams.

Welcome to the Bruton Inn. The Ice Queen has arrived.

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Things to come, goodbye Samhain, 99 cent Kindle deals, and some of my favorite 2016 music, movies, and TV.

Hey gang,

I just wanted to step in here and give you a look at some things I’ve got planned for the next few weeks.

First off, THE HAUNTED HALLS is once again available in Print (also eBook and audio). This fine print edition is from SHADOW WORK PUBLISHING. Thanks again to Jason Lynch for the fantastic artwork!


Get your copy HERE

As of right now, you can read a FREE Christmas horror story I wrote for reviewer, ROBIN LEE. It is up on her blog and is titled, “Waiting up for Santa”  READ HERE

I will have another Christmas freebie in a couple weeks at THE GAL IN THE BLUE MASK blog.  Stay tuned!

Some friends of mine are putting together their Top Books of 2016 lists:  THE GRIM READER and MICHAEL PATRICK HICKS.  I’m closing in on 70 books read this year (many from 2016), but I have at least four more 2016 selections to get through before crafting my list. Look for my Top 25 of 2016 sometime in mid-January. My tastes differ from my aforementioned friends, but that’s the fun of these lists, right? I can’t wait to share mine with you.

I will give you a few of my favorites of 2016….



BLINK 182-CALIFORNIA is definitely my favorite record of the year. With Alkaline Trio’s Matt Skiba replacing Tom DeLonge, Blink returns to the fun, pop-punk band that they used to be. I haven’t stopped listening to this record since I got it in July.




ARRIVAL is an amazing “first contact” movie starring Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner. I’m a pretty big alien buff, so when one of the alien movies is not just good but great, it really sticks with me. ARRIVAL is beautiful, full of wonder, hope, sadness, and above all, a terrific piece of cinema.

I also loved MOANA, MIDNIGHT SPECIAL, LIGHTS OUT, 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE, FINDING DORY, and CIVIL WAR.  I’m going to see ROUGE ONE tonight, so I’m sure that would make the list, too. I probably won’t get to MANCHESTER BY THE SEA, but Casey Affleck knows how to pick movies. I definitely can’t wait to see that one.



While everyone else is binging the crap out of Netflix shows and still following THE WALKING DEAD…..My wife and I have been glued to Fox’s serialized version of LETHAL WEAPON. Clayne Crawford as Martin Riggs KILLS it. He is so good. As much as I love Mel Gibson, Crawford will win you over and do it fast. Damon Wayans does a great job as Roger Murtaugh, as well. I was hesitant to check it out, but I have been convinced and now I never want the show to end! So good!

That’s about it for TV for me. I plan on checking out the Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life and I’m looking forward to more of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman’s   SHERLOCK.  For reality TV, I enjoyed the heck out of OZZY and JACK’S WORLD DETOUR. Good stuff.

Lastly, I’d like to give a good COFFIN NAIL plug to Samhain Horror. Starting January first, the company begins taking down its horror titles. These versions will be out of print.That includes my collection WHERE NIGHTMARES BEGIN. If you want to get a copy , you better act fast, it will be one of the first to vanish. BLOOD AND RAIN will also be leaving, but you might have a few extra weeks to purchase that one.


Be sure to grab some Brian Moreland, Ronald Malfi, Hunter Shea, David Bernstein, Jonathan Janz, Russell James, and Kristopher Rufty titles while you’re at it.

99 cent Anthology deals:


Get your copy of VS  HERE


And if you haven’t already, copies of my latest novella, CHASING GHOSTS (Sinister Grin Press) and my short alien-themed collection, OUT OF RANGE  are always good gifts! Treat yourself or someone you love. 🙂

ChasingGhosts300OOR COVER

Get your copy of CHASING GHOSTS….HERE

Get your copy of OUT OF RANG…HERE

Stay tuned!

Glenn’s Horror Books for Christmas List

So, you have friends and family who love horror books and they need some good ones for the ones that they love?  Let me help you out.  As many of you have heard, Samhain Publishing is doing away with their horror line (finally seems like this story has gone on way too long). Starting January 1st, they will begin taking down books from ALL sites.

You can still grab eBook and Print editions (the last chance to get these) from them or Amazon or Barnes and Noble online. Don’t miss out! Some of these books will be re-published elsewhere in the future, others won’t. My novella collection, is one of the never again books. Two of the stories are going elsewhere, one is changing into something completely different.

Anyways, if you love these authors, love these stories, and want print or eBook editions of any of them, go online this month and grab them before its too late.

Here are a few of my suggestions: Just click on the covers to order


SAVAGE SPECIES by Jonathan Janz.

I loved this book. It is crazy and amazing. One of Janz’s best. If you dug Laymon’s The Woods Are Dark or Jack Ketchum’s Off Season, this is the book for you!  His 2016 novel, Children of the Dark, is a prequel to this bad boy. While readers have been  loving COTD, I still prefer this beast.

Grab it while you can.


THE SUMMER JOB by Adam Cesare

This is Cesare’s best piece of fiction. Not his typical b-movie blast (which are also awesome), this is a very cool story of a girl looking to get away from the city for a summer. She takes a job in a hotel and ends up in the middle of two crazy cults that are squaring off. If you ever loved the amazing monthly books from Leisure Books horror club, this one will be right up your alley.


A DARK AUTUMN by Kristopher Rufty

This one is only in eBook, but it is one of the best pieces Samhain ever put out. the killer in this on is put together in such a way that you will not forget. Even after finishing this story, you’ll be thinking about it. Very Rufty, very good. Add it to your cart now!


THE DARK SERVANT by Matt Manochio

Christmas time? Krampus time! Manochio puts together a fun Krampus story that digs deeper than your average horror yarn. Incorporating the cyber bullying that happens far too much in everyday life, this one will leave you with some food for thought and have you at the edge of your seat.


GOBLINS by David Bernstein

This was a wild story that only Bernstein could pull off!  Playing off the old Roanoke mysteries surround Croatan legend, this novel is a wild ride that won’t let you go. Creepy, crawly, guaranteed nightmare fuel.


THE NARROWS by Ronald Malfi

I cannot push this book hard enough. One of my favorite books by one of my favorite writers. Get it while you can. The cover is brilliant, the story is awesome, and the writing is the best. I think if I had to choose a favorite Samhain title, it would either be this one or one of Brian Moreland’s.


BLOOD SACRIFICES by Brian Moreland

You get four great stories, including my favorite novella of 2015, DARKNESS RISING. I’m not sure this collection will ever be available again. So add this one no matter what!  You get witches, a crazy cult of homeless people, and way more.

the-nightcrawlerTHE NIGHTCRAWLER by “Wild” Mick Ridgewell

One of the very first Samhain titles I read, this one remains a favorite. Mick’s story about a homeless guy who just can’t be left behind and pops up time and time again across the country, is well told. Loved this one and would have been another perfect Leisure Books monthly delivery.



Fans of my work will want to snag this one in Print.It collects my three novellas for Samhain in one beautiful package. Two of these will be going to Crossroad Press, but my alien horror novella, BOOM TOWN, will be out of print for the foreseeable future. This book will never be available again.  Just saying.

There are way more great books by Janz, Rufty, Bernstein, Cesare, Hunter Shea, Catherine Cavendish, and many more. Go to the Samhain site or Amazon and nab these editions before they’re gone.


(Book Review) ODD MAN OUT by JAMES NEWMAN 5 stars!


“Bullies love a few extra pounds of baby fat like mosquitoes love blood.”

James Newman. Man, this guy is good. Friends in the biz have told me for years how good. Thanks, Kristin! They’ve told me I need to read him. They told me I’d love it. They were right. I read Midnight Rain this summer and was blown away. I read People Are Strange a few months earlier and loved the versatility and impact of many of the stories within that collection.

Now, we come to this novella, ODD MAN OUT.

Featuring a collection of kids at a summer camp, ODD MAN OUT captures everything about summer camp I attended as a kid: Woods, lake, assholes, cool kids, clueless counselors, assholes…oh, and that horrible homesick feeling.
I mentioned assholes, right?

Yeah, the bullies in ODD MAN OUT go above and beyond. This one escalates when the two goons discover that all their “fag” talk isn’t 100% off the mark. When one kid is discovered to be homosexual, the big mouths are caught off guard and this leads to a dangerous mix of fear and confusion for all involved. Innocence is murdered and the world is not the same.

This one is a heavy hitter, folks. You will not be able to turn away. You won’t just go, “meh”, and start your next book. You’ll be shocked, enraged, saddened, and caught up in this wonderfully told, raw look at the inner demons some children hold within. This story is fiction, but bullshit like this happens every day. It is probably happening somewhere right now.

ODD MAN OUT is an outstanding novella and I can’t give it less than it deserves: 5 Stars, all day and all night. One of the very best pieces I’ve had the pleasure of reading this year. Newman needs to be with a major publisher. He’s that good,and much better than many of the people being drooled over this year.

And do not miss these two:




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Odd Man Out, Synopsis

* Print Length: 150 pages

* Publisher: Bloodshot Books


Summer 1989. It is a time for splashing in the lake and exploring the wilderness, for nine teenagers to bond together and create friendships that could last the rest of their lives.

But among this group there is a young man with a secret–a secret that, in this time and place, is unthinkable to his peers

When the others discover the truth, it will change each of them forever. They will all have blood on their hands.

Odd Man Out is a heart-wrenching tale of bullies and bigotry, a story that explores what happens when good people don’t stand up for what’s right. It is a tale of how far we have come . . . and how far we still have left to go.

James Newman, Biography

James Newman lives in North Carolina with his wife and their two sons.

His published work includes the novels Midnight Rain, The Wicked, Animosity and Ugly As Sin, and the collection People Are Strange. Still Waters, a short Christian-themed horror film based