We’re one week away from Halloween! I’ve been trying to catch up on some horror flicks that I’ve missed over the years and re-watching some of my favorites.

The months not over, so I’ll try to fit in a few more, but here’s most of what I’ve caught so far….



Not as many as I’d like to have watched, but…mostly good stuff.

I’ve got to cram some more in this week

How about you guys?  What new to you or favorites have you made time for this season?


  1. Hey, Glenn!
    As I have been searching for the “Ultimate Horror Flick” for some years now, I feel qualified to comment on your post here. I happen to own a bit over 500 store-bought movies, and have watched so many more, I would be hard pressed to put a number to them. (Now, if I could just remember more of them, so I don’t start watching something only to realize half way through that I’ve seen it before.)

    That said, I must opine the movies you have posted. To begin, if you actually enjoyed all of these titles, just ignore me. It’s okay, I’m used to it.
    Of the 8 you have posted, I can say I liked… two. Horns is a great new motion picture, and, of course, The Howling.
    Halloween 3, the only sequel that had absolutely nothing to do with Michael Myers, which is what the franchise is based on to begin with.
    Sleepaway Camp, in the running with Jackass for world’s most ignorant story, and both had multiple continuations.
    Scout’s Guide…, I guess movies such as this just aren’t as funny to me since I quit getting drunk.
    The new Ghostbusters, uh, nah, I’ll pass.
    House Of The Devil sounds too much like championing religion.
    This leaves The Shallows. I have not seen this one, though I have seen the cover as I browse my favorite online venues. I may check it out.

    Now, I have a suggestion or two;
    Lights Out. Real creepy, I saw this the other day and thought how it could encourage some to sleep with the lights ON.
    The Other Side Of The Door; again, a creepy tale. What lengths would a Mother go to when she loses a child?
    Victor Frankenstein; Not exactly Horror, but a cool watch, nonetheless.
    Call me weird, but I did like two of the Purge movies.

    Okay, I’ll stop now. If you couldn’t tell, Horror movies are something I like. All too often, the Writers have the characters do something completely incongruous to actions taken in other scenes, but as the commercial says, “You’re in a Horror Movie; it’s what you do.”

  2. I saw Lights Out in the theater. Loved it. Much better than I thought it would be.

    I used to feel the way you do about Halloween 3 until I decided to view it completely separate from the rest of the stores. As is own flick, it’s pretty awesome. They should have just gave it is own name.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

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