My latest book, CHASING GHOSTS (Sinister Grin Press), came out just under two weeks ago.  I set out to honor some of my horror idols (Richard Laymon and Brian Keene) with this piece, and judging from the early reviews, I just might be hitting my mark.


Chasing Ghosts is a vicious backwoods romp that gives you nary a moment to collect your bearings. The narrative escalates quickly, savagely, maintaining the amped-up speed through to the finale. It’s a blast of a read, especially if you’re a root-for-the-antagonist type of fan.” – The Eyes of Madness


“Chasing Ghosts is a disturbing bloodbath, with some moments of extreme gore, and is an emotionally draining read, but it sure was a nice diversion.A bloody, disgusting read…I loved it!” -Frank Michaels Errington

“With shades of Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Friday the 13th, Rolfe also summons his inner-Laymon and, in my opinion, outdoes what his predecessor couldn’t do.With Chasing Ghosts, the characters feel like people that we already know facing problems that you can honestly believe – a missing son, infidelity, working stiffs looking to blow off some steam on the weekend. It’s all there and done very well by Rolfe.” – Into The Macabre

CHASING GHOSTS is gory, violent, and very, very scary. If you have a fear of isolated rural forested areas; if you ever wonder if the legends of backwoods inbreeding cannibalistic clans are true; if you just believe in genetic mutations; then this is the story for you.” – Mallory Heart Reviews

“There was a great predatory atmosphere going on. The anticipation of something being just around the corner but never quite sure just when, where or who was going to be next made it a very enjoyable read. There was a nice balance of detail and visuals with just enough given to allow you to picture the scene but at the time allowing the imagination to fill in the gaps, and boy was my imagination happy to oblige. I’ll be steering clear of the woods for a while.” – Scarlet’s Web

” Chasing Ghosts is a blistering, mile-a-minute ride into fear, desperation, and depravity. The villains, the notorious Cobb family, are suitably creepy, with a definite throwback to the near-primitive maniacs found in Richard Laymon’s mountain novels or Jack Ketchum’s cannibalistic ones.” – John Quick, author of Consequences

“(Glenn Rolfe)holds nothing back…with Chasing Ghosts, he brings us – for me at least – his most explicit horror story thus far. The violence is graphic and had me physically wincing. The story grabbed every one of my senses and the ending left me wondering … ” – Catherine Cavendish, author of The Devils Serenade and The Pendle Curse


Be sure to follow the reviews and the blog tour by clicking on the photo below:


Grab your own copy HERE


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