Goodnight, Samhain Horror-Let’s Look at the Future


As many of you know, or will be hearing, Samhain Publishing is going out of business. I was lucky to have worked with Horror Editor and Master of the Leisure Book Horror Club, Don D’Auria. I was lucky to have Don offer me five contracts in the nearly two years we worked together. Three novellas, a novel, and a re-print of a novel that will now have to go someplace else. I loved my short time with Samhain and getting to meet and work with so many cool people. I enjoyed my two trips to HorrorHound Weekend and all the cool fans I got to meet along with all of my favorite writers that I shared the stable with.

Big thanks to Tanya Cowman and Kaitlyn Osborn whom I worked with very closely on all matter of Author Relation type things behind the scenes. Thanks to Lauren Moretto for working with me on the Samhain Blog and all Samhain related social media. And thanks to Jacob Hammer for all the work he puts in for all of us authors, as well.  Thanks to Editor, Tera Cuskaden. I loved our one project together. I was looking forward to working with you for many years to come.  Thanks to the rest of you in the office that I never really got to work with,but probably had plenty of hands in the cookie jar with promotions and putting things together.

Much love to all my fellow Samhain authors, past and present….well, I guess we’re all past now.

Christina Brashear (Owner of Samhain Publishing) did her best. She worked her butt off to get her company up and running and had lots of success on the Romance side of things. In 2010-2011, she decided to add horror and brought in the best man for the job. Unfortunately, things never quite took off and here we are at the end of the road far too soon. I just want to say, thanks for trying, Christina.

Now….where do we go from here.

My latest releases THINGS WE FEAR and WHERE NIGHTMARES BEGIN are going to be available in eBook (TWF and WNB) and Print(WNB) on March 8th. For how long, none of us know. Buy ’em while you can, I guess.

My novella, CHASING GHOSTS, will be released from Sinister Grin Press in early 2017.

THE HAUNTED HALLS (Art by Jason Lynch)



As for my novel, THE HAUNTED HALLS….well, I’ve already began shopping it around.

I’m currently at work on my next novel, the follow-up to BLOOD and RAIN. We’ll see where that goes.

My next project will be the untitled short story collection I’ve been teasing here and there. With my fall schedule altered (THE HAUNTED HALLS was set to come out in November), I am planning on putting out the new collection on my own. I’d love to have it ready for October 2016, but we’ll see.

Another good thing that may come from this is my book ASCENCION AGENDA.  It was originally going to be a follow-up to my novella, BOOM TOWN. Eventually, I will be able to incorporate that novella into the novel.   Shortly after finishing edits on BOOM TOWN, the idea for the follow-up came to me, followed by an idea for a novelette-sized prequel. I was so pissed. I admired Peter Straub’s novel, A Dark Matter. In that book, Straub threads together a story through decades…we get to see this character and the effects of all that happened and is happening throughout this masterful tale. I wished I could put BOOM TOWN on hold and make the novella one piece of a larger story. It may not happen, but when the BOOM TOWN rights get reverted back to me, I will have the option to actually follow through with this huge plan. It’s on my idea chalk board.

In a perfect world, I’d be rich enough to start my own publishing company and hire the Samhain Crew, plus Don D’Aruria and see this whole shebang through. I think there was a ton of potential.

I hope the very best for all the authors impacted by this new world we’ve been dropped into. I hope the new kids that were looking forward to a great first year in publishing ALL the luck in the world. It sucks to be back to square one, but you are all uber-talented and will find the right home for your works sooner than later. Keep your chins up and keep working the hell out those notebooks or laptops!

Stay positive! We will prevail. We will prosper. We will rock you!




I wrote the song below after my first band broke up. This feels sort of right for this one, too.

It’s called, “Tomorrow”.  It is full of clichés, but so is life.



5 responses to “Goodnight, Samhain Horror-Let’s Look at the Future”

  1. I’m sure you will have no trouble finding homes for your work, Glenn. I will be following wherever you go as I am sure is the case with your growing legion of fans. Shit happens. Onwards to battle we march! \m/

    1. Thanks, Adrian. Thant means a lot to me, sir.Thank you!

  2. It was so great to be a part of Samhain Horror with you, Glenn. You really kept us together and kept us positive through some tough times. Thank you for everything. You will forever have a friend (and a fan) in me.

    1. Thanks, Holli. I appreciate that. Loved your novella with Samhain and look forward to what you have to offer in the future. Let’s be sure to keep in touch.

      1. Most definitely! Our friendship doesn’t have to end because our publisher did. 🙂

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