Contract Signed: CHASING GHOSTS lands with Sinister Grin Press

I’m so happy to announce that my novella, CHASING GHOSTS, will be published by the fine folks at SINISTER GRIN PRESS.


None of my little successes have been solo acts, so I would like to send out a big thank you to Matt and Tristan for taking the chance on my work. Thanks to Erin for busting her butt and helping me with the early edits, and also for suggesting a more proper name for the story.  Thanks to Laymon, Ketchum, Keene, Janz, Cesare, Rufty, and Bernstein for writing the sort of horror that inspired this particular piece. While I’m not sure I went as hard and heavy as them, they made me want to push that horror button a little harder.   Thanks, guys.

Originally titled, The Last Show,  this one started off with me taking my punk rock experience and setting my band out to play a show in the woods.  Never turn down a gig, right?  Well, maybe they should have….

That was were it started, but as stories tend to do, The Last Show became about a lot more….

Here’s the basic synopsis for CHASING GHOSTS:

Locals think they know the story. The Cobb’s were ignorant woods-people that died off and left nothing to fear. But what if they were wrong?
Luke’s the new kid in town. He follows two boys out to the old Cobb place to play a game they call, “chasing ghosts”. The trio gets more than they expected. Luke’s hell is just beginning.
An old punk rock band set to play a show at a rented cabin out of town has no idea that this show may very well be their last. Someone’s been watching them since they arrived.  When their singer walks to the trees to take a piss and doesn’t return, the rest of the band ventures out to find him.
When police chief Walt Henderson responds to a number of incidents, he discovers that there’s more going on out in the woods of his town than he ever could have imagined.
Chasing ghosts is more than just some children’s game.


We’re looking at a late 2016/ early 2017 release date.  In the meantime, be sure to check out the great Sinister Grin roster and catalog for more fantastically evil tales.

And I won’t mind if you pick up a copy of my forthcoming novella THINGS WE FEAR or novella collection, WHERE NIGHTMARES BEGIN on March 8th. Both are coming to you courtesy of SAMHAIN HORROR.

I will have print copies of WHERE NIGHTMARES BEGIN and BLOOD AND RAIN for sale at Horror Hound Weekend in Cincinnati, Ohio (March 18-20). Come out, meet all the cool authors, and get some sweet swag (and great books) from Samhain Horror.



2 responses to “Contract Signed: CHASING GHOSTS lands with Sinister Grin Press”

  1. I’m super excited and thrilled!!!


  2. Great news, Glenn and a great press too!

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