REVIEWS: The Martian Chronicles, Death Do Us Part, and Northwoods

Thought I’d share my early 2016 book reviews with you guys:

Along with Kristopher Rufty’s excellent new novel, DESOLATION, I’ve finished three other pieces-NORTHWOODS by Bill Schweigart, DEATH DO US PART by JG Faherty, and the brilliant THE MARTIAN CHRONICLES by Ray Bradbury.



“Named but unnamed, and borrowing from humans everything but humanity.”

Ray Bradbury’s classic, The Martian Chronicles, is a collection of Mars stories written by the author over the course of a few years that he compiled and threaded together (wonderfully, I might add) in this beautiful piece of fiction.
The stories take us to Mars and its inhabitants. Their chameleon-like species that wears our look and copies our perceived actions, but often times lacks our free will, inhibitions, and fiery emotions. This begs the question: Is our humanity our best and worst asset?

There’s so many great stories to be found in these ages, too many for me to go through. I’ll just point to a few of my favorites:
Ylla- A Martian’s romantic dream of a fascinating man from New York named Nathaniel York arriving in a rocket ship. This one was a highlight for me. LOVED it!
The Earth Men- Another expedition to Mars delivers three astronauts to the red planet and finds them unable to elicit excitement of their arrival to any of the planets inhabitants. We eventually find out why they receive such a ho-hum welcome and it is fantastic.
The Martian- The story of a Martian who makes himself look like the departed loved ones of anyone he comes in the vicinity of…he longs to be loved and accepted. Unfortunately, his costumes bring too much attention.
And the Moon Be Still as Bright- A man named Spender sees the shape of things to come. How our humanity that has led to wars and the downfall of Earth will eventually bring the same to this beautiful, untapped planet. One of my favorites!
Usher II- This one is for the horror lover in us all. When humans finally bring their rules and regulations, their awful government and unwarranted censorships to the red planet , one man and his sidekick strike back in entertaining and apropos fashion. LOVED IT! Horror fans will eat this one up.

The Martian Chronicles is a fun and inventive read and a wonderful trip through the imagination of one of the best in the business.

I give it 5 Stars!



I received an advance reader copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

What an amazing read! Northwoods takes us on a trip through the world of cryptozoology (a world I’m loving more and more) with a great cast of characters. Ben and Lindsay work for Richard Severance, a man of wealth, obsessed with this unnatural world. Ben and Lindsay, with the help of Alex , survived a meeting with a mystical creature in Virginia A year later, they wind up in the thick of something even bigger and more wide-spread.

The town of Barnabas is under attack by a pack of shapeshifters and finds itself upside down before anyone knows for sure just what in the hell is happening.

When Customs and Border Protection agent Davis Holland is pulled into the madness attacking the once quiet town he has been taken in by, the story kicks into even higher gear. With his military training and battle -ready skillset, Davis makes the perfect ally in Severance’s new army of cryptid seekers.

This fight is bigger than the survival of one small town-humanity is about to be tested!

Bill Schweigart is now on my list of Must-Read authors. Northwoods is the second book in a series, Beast of Barcroft being the first, but if you missed that one, have no fear, Schweigart will take you under his creative wing and gives you just enough of “what came before” that you feel fully connected to this cast and their previous relationships.

The characters are fully realized and wonderful. The story is terrific, and the writing is perfect.

I give NORTHWOODS 5 Stars!


Death Do US Part is the latest novella from JG Faherty. While not as great as Legacy, I found this one to be a quick and fun piece of horror.

A police officer (Art) in a loveless marriage falls for his wife’s sister ((Missy). Hours after Art tells his wife (Catherine) that he wants a divorce, tragedy strikes.
Months after Catherine’s death, strange things began to happen to Art and Missy who have since made their relationship official. Is it Catherine’s ghost? Is she coming back to haunt the ones who betrayed her?

There is a decent mystery wrapped up in the story and Faherty does a great job leading us from one end to the other.

I give this vengeful novella 4 stars!




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