(REVIEW) DESOLATION by Kristopher Rufty


Wow! Read this book in two days.
Kristopher Rufty’s latest novel, DESOLATION, is a fantastic way to start off your 2016 reading year.

DESOLATION is both suspenseful as hell and equally heartbreaking. The story of two men and one fateful day that brought their lives together. When Grant races out of a bar after too many drinks he crashes into The Hinshaw’s car along a back road. Dennis Hinshaw loses his wife, son, and unborn baby girl in the drunk driving accident. Grant, at that point is a famous lawyer, gets a year in prison and six months probation.Now sober, he must attend AA meetings and try and get his own family life back to a new normal. To accomplish the next step in the healing process, Grant takes his wife, son, and daughter to their cabin in the woods for Christmas.
Unfortunately, somebody wants them to pay for the sins of Grant’s past.

This book is close to perfect for me. Rufty has come miles in his craft and is beyond a doubt one of the best horror writers currently working today. Minus a couple of small missteps (probably just nit-picking by me), I freaking loved this book!

I give DESOLATION 4.5 Stars……hell, let’s go ahead and round that up to 5.
Highly recommended!



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