Next Novel Nears Completion, Things We Fear Reviews, Upcoming Posts

Hey, guys!

I’m nearly finished with the final manuscript for my next novel, BECOMING. You may recognize that one from how much I’ve talked about it. Well, after two years of stop and start writing, one finished rough draft, and five or six re-writes… the end is near! A much cleaner and more cohesive piece is nearly in reach. I will begin shopping this one in the next couple  of weeks.

After that, I have an untitled novella to finish before picking up where I left of (55K words) on novel #4, WINDOW.  Hoping to have them both finished by April.


ThingsWeFear (2)

The first two official review for my forthcoming novella, THINGS WE FEAR, have come in…

“The title of this novella, Things We Fear, says it all. Rolfe has taken us on journeys through haunted halls, battled with werewolves, and now he is taking us on a character study of fear and emotion – straight to the source of a person dealing with deep seeded psychosis. I’m not just talking about the main villain, either; each character presented in this story is overcoming a fear of their own. Whether it is the fear of not having control in their life, a fear stemming from childhood trauma, or perhaps self-reflective – the fear of image concerns and breaking social reservation. There are multiple messages lying under what appears to be a typical stalk and slash story that, I can assure you, it is anything but typical.” — Beneath the Underground

“Glenn Rolfe is quickly establishing a name for himself as one of a number of excellent new writers to ensure the horror genre is kept alive and well. His previous books – Abram’s Bridge, Boom Town and Blood and Rain – have also served to show the extensive breadth of his imagination and Things We Fear carries on that trend. Quite simply, each story is fresh, new, exciting and unpredictable.” — Catherine Cavendish, author The Pendle Curse and Dark Avenging Angel

Thanks to David Sharp from Beneath the Underground and Cat Cavendish for such kind words!

You can pre-order your copy of THINGS WE FEAR—- HERE

Stay tuned for the blog tour starting in late February. If you want to receive a review copy or are interested in doing an interview,  contact Erin at Oh, For the Hook of a Book!:

Coming up in the next couple weeks for my blog:


I will be interview Kristopher Rufty (This Tuesday) as part of his Desolation Blog Tour. We’ll talk shop, family, his history, and touch on both THE VAMPIRE OF PLAINFIELD and DESOLATION.

I will also be reviewing DESOLATION (at some point), JG Faherty’s DEATH DO US PART, and Bill Schweigart’s  NORTHWOODS.

And if Axl Rose shows up on Live with Jimmy Kimmel Tuesday night with his expected announcement….expect a long love letter for the greatest rock band of all-time. Just sayin’.




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