Get Ready for the Year’s Best Lists!

I am going to reach my goal of 60 books this year! Yes! I read 82 last year and vowed to take it down a notch this year. I am supposed to be writing!
Anyways, I will be finishing up my last couple of novels and novellas this week and look forward to compiling either my top 10 or top 15 for you guys shortly after….

Some lists have already begun to pop up on Facebook and various blogs.
I’ve been lucky to be included on some of these with my werewolf novel, Blood and Rain.

Here’s a couple of those lists:

CONFESSIONS OF A REVIEWER (tied at #5 with Jonathan Janz- The Nightmare Girl)




So happy to see these readers/reviewers liked my book enough to include it among so many other great works and authors.

This is very cool! Thank you!

Stay Tuned!



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