HorrorHound Weekend Rewind!

I was lucky to be among the Samhain Horror authors to attend HorrorHound Weekend in Indianapolis, recently.  It was great to hang out with all my Samhain buds (Samhain Office peeps included!) and sign and sell copies of my debut novel for the company, Blood and Rain.

I was stationed next to the fantastic Jonathan Janz and Keith Ferrario. We were joined this year by regulars, Russell James, Mick Ridgewell, Brian Pinkerton, and John Everson, and with newer guys, Matt Manochio, Brian Kirk, and Vic Kerry. Each of these guys are awesome in their own way.

Big thanks to everyone who made it out to see us and went home with brand new books!

I did some singing under an overpass. Arby’s with Keith Ferrario. “Falsetto” with the incomparable Vic Kerry, coffee with Matt Manochio, wrestling talks with Brian Kirk, and pretty much made a bunch of new best friends….here’s some pics!

Embarrassed to say this is how I showed up: like a homeless man! Sorry Russell!
Embarrassed to say this is how I showed up: like a homeless man! Sorry, Russell!



Even "Homeless" Glenn can put it together for a promo...
Even “Homeless” Glenn can put it together for a promo…
I told Vic I would catch him laughing!
Vic and Mick mean business!
John makes a face!
Brian tries to convince us he shaves with his fingernails.
2015 HH Indy Class Photo
My good bud, Joe Hempel, showed up to grab some new titles. As you can see, normal Glenn shaved and showered for Day 2!
Wolf Brothers! Jonathan and I rocked Wolf Land and Blood and Rain on Saturday.
The lovely Ms. Kaitlyn!
Mr. Matthew hams it up.
Keith poses for his glamour shot.
Brian and Russell rocked their side of the table! Matt practices his photobombs.
Ms. Halloween, Danielle Harris!
Brian also has trouble not laughing in my face.
Good times with Matt.
Finally got to meet John in person. Got his new collection way before you.
My HorrorHound babies.
Matt’s not impressed.
My first time getting to meet Mick. Love the Nightcrawler. Still one of my favorite Samhain titles.
And the last good-bye!


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