adam“Many authors nowadays get lauded for writing ‘throwback’ horror fiction, but none of them quite goes the distance like Rolfe does in BLOOD AND RAIN. Werewolves, silver samurai swords, and small New England towns: it all makes you wish this was twenty years ago so you can take the paperback off a supermarket spinner-rack and huff the yellowed pages.” – Adam Cesare, author of Mercy House and Exponential

Yeah, this blurb is another big deal for me. Ever since I read Adam Cesare’s The Summer Job, And quickly followed that with Tribesmen, Exponential, and Video Night, I’ve been in awe of his skills. I got to meet him at HorrorHound in Cincinnati last March and got a chance to sit down over a couple beers and talk shop.  Super cool guy, super cool style, and an author totally worth your time.


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