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My short story collection.

Have you ever picked up a coin and wondered about its past? For four young friends, this is where the nightmare begins. In another story, a sweet romance ends in a shallow grave to be revisited again and again. In yet another tale, a girl’s field hockey team has had enough of their cruel coach and her dreaded ‘whistle of the damned’. How far will they go to turn the tables?

Slush offers up a variety of twisted dreams and horrifying visions to help you sleep at night. In these 12 dark and powerful tales, Glenn Rolfe, author The Haunted Halls and Boom Town, welcomes you to his nightmares.

Take his hand and slip into the shadows…

For the next few days, my short story collection, SLUSH, will be available to download  for FREE for all Kindle users.  In anticipation of next week’s release of Blood and Rain, my debut novel for Samhain Horror, I’m giving fans and people who might be new to me and my work a sample of what it is I do.

Be sure to snag your copy.

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Amazon CA

Stay tuned for my Blood and Rain blog tour…starting soon.

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