Short stories and a super cool cover! Get Slush in Audio and print

First off, thank you all for grabbing copies of my debut, The Haunted Halls, this week while it was on sale.  I moved more copies of any of my works to date in that five day period.  Thanks to everyone who clicked to buy and to anyone who shared, twittered, or commanded their friends to get a copy.

My second release, my short story collection, Slush, is up next in line. Edited by my good friend, Erin Al-Mehairi, and with an old piece of artwork from Jason Lynch (who did all of my Haunted Halls work), Slush is being revamped and made available in Print and Audio formats. Thanks to another good friend, Joe Hempel, for narrating these creepy tales and helping me through the process.

Grab your copy hear….get it?   SLUSH (AUDIO)

The audio edition of my Samhain novella, Boom Town, will also be available in July.

I’ve been wanting to release a Print edition of Slush since day one, but I got busied up with my Samhain Publishing works and had to wait for my bud, Jason, to find some time in his crazy schedule, too.

This week, Jason sent me the brand spankin’ new cover art for the print edition of Slush. Per usual, he blew my mind.

The print edition of Slush should be available by the end of the month.

Stay tuned!

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