The Haunted Halls (2014)

Once in a while, authors get reviews that knock their socks off–my socks are now on the other side of the room! Thank you Horror Underground. It always feels good to make such a great impression on a reader. 🙂

Horror Underground

The Haunted Halls

James Ward Kirk Publishing

Author: Glenn Rolfe

 22705038The Burton Inn, located in Hollis Oaks, Maine, is a notoriously haunted hotel. Since being built, the Burton Inn has had a troubled history of death, murder, and disappearances. It is also home to the Ice Queen. A supernatural, demonic presence that is making its way to the physical realm. As the Ice Queen amasses an army, two hotel clerks, Rhiannon and Jeff, along with a celebrity shaman, Lee Buhl, will have to work together to stop this supernatural force.

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