I want to write the novel equivalent of Appetite For Destruction

Uncompromising. Real. Gritty. Honest. Awesome.Raw.


These are some of the things critics, rock fans, and fellow musicians of the day said about Guns N’ Roses and their debut effort, Appetite For Destruction. Appetite wasn’t always pretty, it wasn’t always perfect, but it was absolutely right. It was nasty, it was vulgar, it was aggressive, it was honest, and, at times, it was beautiful. Those are all of the things I hope to incorporate in my future works in the horror field.

Each time out, I’m aiming for Appetite For Destruction. I want my story and characters to be uncompromising, honest, and real. I also want it to be right for the masses. I don’t want to write a book that is going to be trapped into a small niche group of readers. Yet, I don’t want to write safe, either. I want to create books that are as uncompromising as they are right for anyone who might pick them up. Is that aiming too high? Maybe, but that’s my goal.

There’s plenty of ambition here. There’s plenty of desire. If I can keep improving my skills, I think I can achieve my goals.

It’s not good enough for me to put out something that’s okay. I want my books to be great. Do I do that? Am I capable yet? Not yet, but I will continue to work toward reaching what I think my potential is and hopefully, in the process, surpass your expectations.

I love (though it is far from perfect) my debut, The Haunted Halls. I love my next novel, Blood and Rain. I hope you’ll give some of my work a chance. And I hope you enjoy what you read.


You can grab The Haunted Halls for the next couple of days for 99 cents. I promise you, if you love horror, it is uncompromising. It is raw. It is honest, gritty, sexy and mean.

Welcome to the jungle, baby…

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