“…proof that we’re in the presence of a rising star in the genre.”–Ronald Malfi

It blows my mind that one of my favorite writers in the horror fiction scene over the last 10 or so years has endorsed my latest piece, Blood and Rain (Samhain Publishing, October 2015). I’ve admired the hell out of this guy’s talent and the way he has handled himself for a long time.

From when I first read Snow to when I finished Floating Staircase, Ronald Malfi’s style and storytelling ability has simultaneously influenced and intimidated me. He makes me want to write because his words are like magic. Yet, he also makes me say, “Shit, I can’t fucking do that.”

Well, Ronald Malfi is one of only a handful of people to have read my forthcoming novel, Blood and Rain. And this is what he had to say:

“With slashing claws and blood-soaked fur, Glenn Rolfe’s novel will have you howling in terror and delight. A welcome addition to the werewolf mythos and proof that we’re in the presence of a rising star in the genre. Highly recommended!”–Ronald Malfi, author of December Park

Malfi headshot

My jaw dropped.

It’s like Tim Armstrong (lead singer in Rancid) hearing one of my punk rock songs and saying, ‘that’s wicked.’


Soon, you’ll all have the chance to dig into my ‘wicked’ new werewolf novel. I’m excited for my baby beast to make its way out into the world.  You can pre-order the Kindle edition right now on Amazon.com, and soon at all of your other favorite eBook joints. The print edition hits the streets October 6th (and maybe on audio shortly thereafter). If you make it out to Horror Hound Weekend Indianapolis in September, I will have pre-release copies for sale!

To pre-order the Kindle Edition now, click the cover below!


Also, if you didn’t know…Ronald Malfi has a new book out! Check out Little Girls. Click HERE

Little Girls small

Short stories and a super cool cover! Get Slush in Audio and print

First off, thank you all for grabbing copies of my debut, The Haunted Halls, this week while it was on sale.  I moved more copies of any of my works to date in that five day period.  Thanks to everyone who clicked to buy and to anyone who shared, twittered, or commanded their friends to get a copy.

My second release, my short story collection, Slush, is up next in line. Edited by my good friend, Erin Al-Mehairi, and with an old piece of artwork from Jason Lynch (who did all of my Haunted Halls work), Slush is being revamped and made available in Print and Audio formats. Thanks to another good friend, Joe Hempel, for narrating these creepy tales and helping me through the process.

Grab your copy hear….get it?   SLUSH (AUDIO)

The audio edition of my Samhain novella, Boom Town, will also be available in July.

I’ve been wanting to release a Print edition of Slush since day one, but I got busied up with my Samhain Publishing works and had to wait for my bud, Jason, to find some time in his crazy schedule, too.

This week, Jason sent me the brand spankin’ new cover art for the print edition of Slush. Per usual, he blew my mind.

The print edition of Slush should be available by the end of the month.

Stay tuned!

The Haunted Halls (2014)

Once in a while, authors get reviews that knock their socks off–my socks are now on the other side of the room! Thank you Horror Underground. It always feels good to make such a great impression on a reader. 🙂

Horror Underground

The Haunted Halls

James Ward Kirk Publishing

Author: Glenn Rolfe

 22705038The Burton Inn, located in Hollis Oaks, Maine, is a notoriously haunted hotel. Since being built, the Burton Inn has had a troubled history of death, murder, and disappearances. It is also home to the Ice Queen. A supernatural, demonic presence that is making its way to the physical realm. As the Ice Queen amasses an army, two hotel clerks, Rhiannon and Jeff, along with a celebrity shaman, Lee Buhl, will have to work together to stop this supernatural force.

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Special Announcement – The Montauk Monster on Sale To Get You Ready For Summer

Hunter Shea

Right now, you can get last summer’s smash hit monster thriller, THE MONTAUK MONSTER, on ebook for only $1.99. Load up your Kindles and Nooks and iPads for the beach, and don’t be afraid of the water…just what washes up on the shore!

You can get a copy at AmazonB&N or KOBO today. I’m not sure how long the sale will last (I wasn’t even aware it started until someone else pointed it out!), so grab it while you can.

montauk monster coverAnd if monsters aren’t your bag, THE HAUNTED HALLS by Glenn Rolfe is free on Amazon aaaand Jonathan Janz’s THE NIGHTMARE GIRL is only 99 cents! You can get three great books for just under $3. I dare you to find a better dealio.

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I want to write the novel equivalent of Appetite For Destruction

Uncompromising. Real. Gritty. Honest. Awesome.Raw.


These are some of the things critics, rock fans, and fellow musicians of the day said about Guns N’ Roses and their debut effort, Appetite For Destruction. Appetite wasn’t always pretty, it wasn’t always perfect, but it was absolutely right. It was nasty, it was vulgar, it was aggressive, it was honest, and, at times, it was beautiful. Those are all of the things I hope to incorporate in my future works in the horror field.

Each time out, I’m aiming for Appetite For Destruction. I want my story and characters to be uncompromising, honest, and real. I also want it to be right for the masses. I don’t want to write a book that is going to be trapped into a small niche group of readers. Yet, I don’t want to write safe, either. I want to create books that are as uncompromising as they are right for anyone who might pick them up. Is that aiming too high? Maybe, but that’s my goal.

There’s plenty of ambition here. There’s plenty of desire. If I can keep improving my skills, I think I can achieve my goals.

It’s not good enough for me to put out something that’s okay. I want my books to be great. Do I do that? Am I capable yet? Not yet, but I will continue to work toward reaching what I think my potential is and hopefully, in the process, surpass your expectations.

I love (though it is far from perfect) my debut, The Haunted Halls. I love my next novel, Blood and Rain. I hope you’ll give some of my work a chance. And I hope you enjoy what you read.


You can grab The Haunted Halls for the next couple of days for 99 cents. I promise you, if you love horror, it is uncompromising. It is raw. It is honest, gritty, sexy and mean.

Welcome to the jungle, baby…

THE HAUNTED HALLS FOR 99 CENTS Today-Monday night June 15th


  • “an atmospheric, spine-tingler that sustains the reader’s attention until its resolution with the inclusion of vile, cringe-worthy moments that’s sure to accommodate the churning of one’s stomach. Without a shortage of unwarrantable violence, sex, and profanity, Rolfe revels in his storytelling like that of a feverish child during a winter day; blissfully engaging himself in the act of snow angels.”- Horror After Dark
  • “Glenn Rolfe’s The Haunted Halls pulls out all the stops in delivering a blood-soaked, sexually charged spook show” – Peter N. Dudar, author of A Requiem for Dead Flies
  • “The Bruton Inn is the scariest hotel I have read about since The Overlook…”- Terry M. West, author of Heroin in the Magic Now
  • “Fast-paced and chilling, with eroticism and gore delivered with style.” – Russel James, author of Q Island and Dreamwalker

Today through Monday night, June 15th, get a Kindle copy of my debut novel about this horror hotel (The Bruton Inn) for just 99 cents!  Also available in paperback.

Please spread the word if you get a chance.  🙂

Summer Sin: Samhain Horror Brings the evil

11 Sam Covs

I did it because they deserved it. I did it because I deserved it.

Thomas “Agony” Agonetti: torturer, rapist, serial killer, executed by the state for his crimes. They say his ghost haunts his old stalking grounds, the decaying Twin Lakes Mall. Trevor Westmoreland, a security guard with some imagination, agrees to work the night shift, cruising in circles through vast empty parking lots, warding off trouble. But when a shopper who was Agony’s type disappears, followed by another security guard, the stories of the ghost seem all too real. Now Trevor must do what the police never could: find Agony’s hidden torture chamber and put an end to his killing streak, once and for all.


Reboot the apocalypse!

For a while, it looked like the living had won. The war against the walking dead lasted almost a decade, but it’s mostly over. There are only a few straggling zombies left to take care of. Los Angeles has returned to its lattes and long commutes. It’s up to a small Reclamation Crew to clean up the Zoms left behind. But when the undead dry up, their skin turns to dust. Now the hot Santa Ana winds deliver a new threat…because the Zoms were only the beginning of something far worse.

“Dust of the Dead is a pressure cooker of a thriller, a masterwork of world building, and a genuinely and refreshingly unique spin on the zombie genre, but above all, it is a beautiful dance on the line between life and death.” -Joe McKinney, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of Dead City “There’s never been a zombie book like Dust of the Dead.

“It’s horrifying, blackly funny, rich in pathos, and thoroughly original, and it’s also one of the best L.A.-based horror novels ever written.” -Lisa Morton, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of Zombie Apocalypse: Washington Deceased Reboot the apocalypse!

aa tama

The dead are coming back.

Ten naked people walk from a cemetery into artist Sean Casey’s backyard: ten Spore People who used to be dead. One, Mindy, stays with Sean while trying to reclaim her life, but her ex would rather she return to her grave. Sean struggles to protect Mindy and other Spores while battling his recurring—and worsening—nightmares. Meanwhile, the media feeds a panicked frenzy that leads both the hopeful and hateful to Sean’s front door.

As the Spore fungus spreads, so does the fear. When mutilated children match Sean’s nightmares, he realizes his own worst terror may be closer than he thinks.

aa  white-knuckle

There’s a killer on the road…

He’s a big rig truck driver who goes by the CB handle White Knuckle, and he’s Jack the Ripper on eighteen wheels. For thirty years he has murdered hundreds of women in unimaginable ways, imprisoning them in a secret compartment in his truck, abducting them in one state and dumping their dead bodies across the country.

Dedicated FBI agent Sharon Ormsby is on a mission to hunt down and stop White Knuckle. She goes undercover as a truck driver with a helpful long hauler named Rudy in a cross-country pursuit that will ultimately bring her face-to-face with White Knuckle in a pedal-to-the-metal, high-octane climax on a highway to Hell.


“Eric Red is the successor to Richard Matheson and Robert Bloch. And he proves it once again here in WHITE KNUCKLE. Every bit as memorable as Matheson’s DUEL. Literally, no filler – all killer.” – Robin Pierce, Starburst Magazine. (9/10 stars.)

“Absolutely compelling reading. While WHITE KNUCKLE is punctuated by brutal violence and high action, it’s really powered by its characters. You can’t be sure what the future has in store for any character, and you can’t get comfortable with anything or take anyone’s fate for granted.” – The Horror Review.

Grab each of these titles wherever you shop online. You can also grab them for a limited-time discount at SamhainPublishing.com