Blood and Rain Cover Reveal: Who wants to howl?

Blood and Rain (October, 2015)
Blood and Rain (October, 2015)

This is totally my favorite cover from my Samhain collection. I hope you guys dig it as much as I do. Blood and Rain is about a mad puppy…or a werewolf. 🙂  Fun trivia for you here: ROLFE–This unusual and interesting English surname derives ultimately from the Old Scandanavian and Germanic pre 5th century personal name “Hrodwulf”. This was composed of the elements “hrod”, meaning “renown”, and “wulf”,a wolf.  Blood and Rain will be my first full-length novel with Samhain. It’s set to come out in October. Perfect timing, right?

The werewolf is a monster near and dear to my heart. Growing up, my older brother, Greg, introduced me to the beast through movies like Silver Bullet and The Howling. He passed away in 2010, before I’d even started writing.I wish he could have been around to see this. Blood and Rain is dedicated to him.

You will hear plenty more about this book when the summer winds down and the cool nights of fall come creeping back to us. Until then…

Feel free to grab my latest novella, Boom Town.


  • Boom Town is an alien invasion novel with teeth…blue, gelatinous teeth, the be exact. Rolfe weaves a wonderful tale of big, bad things happening to a small, good town. A sure winner!” -Hunter Shea, Author of The Montauk Monster and Tortures of the Damned
  • “Glenn Rolfe’s writing is a breath of fresh air, followed by a jolt of adrenaline.” – Iain Rob Wright, author of The Final Winter

One response to “Blood and Rain Cover Reveal: Who wants to howl?”

  1. Doing a happy dance! I can’t wait for this one 😀

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