Girl Crush, Anti-Gay Indiana, and the Truth.

Normally, I keep my topics here on my site aimed at books and music with the occasional movie thrown in. A lot of stuff happened this week that circles in one way or another, around the subject of homosexuality. My stance is love who you want. Do what you do, but it hasn’t always been that way. I grew up in a Christian household. My sisters were (and still are) pretty heavily involved in church. Me, I believe in God, and do it from wherever I’m at. That’s just my relationship with “the man (or woman) upstairs”. I have for years held the idea that people can be gay and that’s fine, but the truth of the matter is, I still have those moments of discomfort when the subject comes up about how to present that to my children. Thank God for my wife. She’s amazing and tells the girls like it is, no fear, no weirdness. I’m still working on my humanity.

So, what brought all of this about?

Three things:

1) “Girl Crush”, the song by the country act, Little Big Town, that has the uptight (usually gay-retardant) country music fan-base in an uproar. Even though the song is about a woman who is jealous and wants to be the girl the man she desires is in love with (“I want to taste her lips, yeah cuz they taste like you”), people are misinterpreting the message and are perceiving it as a woman who is just in love with another woman.The song is being dropped by a bunch of country radio stations because it is too close to being a “gay” song. This is fucking stupid. Fuck you, country radio.

I love this song, and even if it was a pro-gay tune I would love it anyway.

2) The next thing is this dumb law the jerkwads in Indiana passed saying that they can refuse gays service or kick them out of their businesses on the basis of their religious rights. This is complete bullshit and proves that our country has a long way to go to be the open-minded, liberated, perfect people we try to project ourselves as to the world. Among my friends, there was talk of boycotting the Horror Hound Weekend in Indianapolis because of the new law. I say Fuck you, Indiana. I plan on attending the convention and I hope my publisher and the people who run the gig will too. I say Samhain goes as Samhain’s Rainbow Warriors of Death!  We all wear pro-gay gear and shove it right up the state of Indiana’s ass.

3) The last, and most personal, news was that a cousin of mine officially came out and told everyone he was gay. He’s from a pretty hardcore Christian background, so I can only imagine how difficult this was for him. Even though it’s not fair, he must of thought about and stressed over how upset and how disappointed some of his family would be about his announcement. All I can say is that his mother was one of the first people to support him. That made me happy. I am so proud of him and applaud his courage, his strength and acceptance in who he really is, and hope that he finds love with the man of his dreams.

Like I stated at the top of this, I’m not the best human/dad/husband I can be yet, but I’m working hard at chipping away the ignorance that keeps my mouth shut when my girl’s ask why people look and act the way they do. There’s no shame in being true to yourself.  I want to be as strong and supportive as my wife. I want to be as courageous and brave as my cousin. If he reads this, I just want him to know how much I respect and love him, and that if he ever needs someone to talk to, I’m here.

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