Zakk Reviews “Boom Town” by Glenn Rolfe

Z-Dubz over at The Mouths of Madness podcast reviews my forthcoming Horror/Sci-Fi novella, Boom Town (Samhain Publishing). Pre-orders available now at Amazon, Kobo,, and more. Drops April 7th.

The Eyes of Madness

“Simple reviews from a simple reader…”

Zakk reviews “Boom Town” by Glenn Rolfe. 81 pages published by Samhain Publishing (Samhain Horror).

Overall score: 4.5/5

“Did the UFO over Hollers Hill procure something from us, or was something bestowed upon us?”

On a summers night in 1979, a young couple traveling through Eckert, Wisconsin witness a saucer like object hovering above, and shooting a blue beam of light into Hollers Hill, before quickly ascending skyward. Causing a rumble that was felt hundreds of miles away.

Thirty years later the rumbles have awoken. Stirring Eckert into a frenzy of speculation, gossip and urban legend. Brady and Kim, a longtime friendship evolving into something more, each suffering from a still fresh personal loss, are thrust into a mystery when they find a strange blue ooze while exploring an underground pipe exposed after one the town’s infamous “Booms”.

But Brady and Kim aren’t the…

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